Friday, October 1, 2010

Photo Folie - Scarlet Autumn


While I love boots for fall, I have been hitting the buttoned down spat boots pretty hard lately. Lest I seem like a one-trick pony, I thought I would do something different today. I was drawn to this photo because I love fall and all that gorgeous red. I have noticed that I also tend to prefer images that reflect light and have lovely bokeh. Similarly, today's shoes have light reflecting fabric and feature the perfect shade of sienna because, as a customer once told me, every girl needs at least one pair of red shoes.

The flowers are made from an assortment of textures: vintage velvet, lace, and satin with corduroy leaves that are entirely hand cut and hand stitched. The shoes are called Julie and inspired by a friend/author at People Magazine. I have one per size 4-8 and will offer them sometime in the next few days. The fabric is pretty durable and will not show much wear or fade with use, so I think these would be appropriate for your heirloom collection. Special thanks to Racetay for the inspiring photo. Have a lovely weekend!



Megan said...

Love the picture, so beautiful, and love the shoes! {yes, every girl needs at least one pair of red shoes}and i am hoping to get mine a pair when you list ;) you never cease to amaze with your creativity and talent..i heart photo friday!

Mande said...

Beautiful!! I heart photo Friday also. Happy weekend Jessica!! xo

Christina said...

Oh, WOW! These are so so beautiful! I just love photo Friday.
Jessica, did you get my email? :)

Dear Lillie said...

GORGEOUS! LOVE Photo Friday!!!!!

jclarke415 said...

Hi Jessica, It's been so long since we've spoken/written. I stopped by your site today and saw this post and to my happy surprise: little red shoes!

It's so funny you remember me saying that. And even funnier is that Maya still has her pair of Mia Joie red shoes and I have to tell her every other day that they are now too small for her. Where does the time go?

Take care and many blessings to you and your family.


Linz said...

Beautiful as always! Jessica, I am loving all of your shoes but everything I seem to try to order is NOT IN STOCK!! Is there any way to know what is in stock and NOT?! I have about five pairs I want to order but can't :(....any help much appreciated!!! Hope all is well!

Mrs Soup said...

These are just breathtaking!

Relatively Ririe said...

How can I order shoes? I've been to the website, but every style I choose is unavailable. I have about 5 pairs I'd love to order. Please emai

Jessica said...

To Linz and Relatively Ririe, currently the majority of our products are sold out. Joyfolie is currently very small, and the bulk of our items are handmade here in the US. Currently demand for our product is much greater than supply. I replenish shoe/boot inventory generally once a week at specific times that I post on Facebook. The items usually sell out within seconds of being entered in. I AM WORKING EVERY DAY WITH MULTIPLE MANUFACTURERS TO BUILD INVENTORY! You can read more about those details and an update under my recent blog post on Sep 28 called Shopping in the City.

Jennifer, so nice to know you are still "around," and I am so glad you caught the reference to our conversation that was over a year ago now! Hope you are your family are well!! XO

Jessica said...

One last thought, right now my email is very high, and I am currently working on some creative solutions to be able to better respond. You will hear more about this over the next few days!


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