Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Baby Bootie Pattern is Back!

Good morning! I miss blogging! I perpetually feel like I am never "around" any more! What's keeping me away has been working so hard on launching a thousand new pieces. I'm so excited about these new items, and I'm terribly disappointed that my suppliers will not have them to me in time for Black Friday. I don't expect we will launch too much later, especially since I want to offer them to you in plenty of time for Christmas.

If you haven't read already, the items that are coming include faux fur wraps to be shared by mother and daughter, fun embellished tees (a few designs for women, too!), new dress and ruffled long sleeved jackets for little girls, velvet belts with vintage buttons from Germany, glittered postcards, crystal necklaces, belts for women, and of course shoes and boots, too! All these items will launch together. Orders over certain dollar amounts will get something free, and all purchases will be entered in a drawing for a giveaway.

In the mean time, I rebranded my baby bootie pattern under Joyfolie. If you have purchased this in the past from me, it is not any different, just now under the Joyfolie name (as opposed to Mia Joie) and has a few new photos.

It's a great pattern for gift giving, and even if you don't have a sewing machine, you can hand sew them fairly quickly, too, even using scraps of fabric you may have around the house. The pattern is available here.

I made 6 pair of baby booties to photograph....






I rarely ever offer booties, but am selling the ones in the photographs. They are available here.


Amy said...

So did I miss where I can get the pattern? I think I'm going to be *gulp* brave enough to try this. I have several new babies coming soon. Would be a fun little gift. Sorry about black friday, I'm kinda bummed I'm all on my own. ha. xoxo

Christina said...

LOVE!!! These will make such fantastic gifts. Thanks!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

What a bummer I missed them! I love your little newborn booties, even buying the pattern, my creativity is no where near yours!

In a way I'm sort of relieved you won't be offering your items on black friday, I remember last year stumbling back from early early shopping, climbing into bed with my laptop and dozing off while trying to snag a few pairs of your shoes! I am super excited to hear when they will be offered! It's going to be hard to pick!

Prencie said...

OMW!!!!!! How I wish Paris could still fit this size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Jessica said...

Lol, thanks, Prencie. The blue ones are cute. So tiny! I can't believe I used to make these all the time. Whenever I make them, I remember those late night while I was doing this for a hobby and still teaching.... memories!

Anyhow, yes, Jen, I sort of had that same thought. I was going to offer them Thankgiving Evening, but a lot of people may be traveling, at relative or shopping. Now I can pick a weekday evening when most people will be home. Just don't complete all your holiday shopping without Joyfolie (he, he) What a shameless plug!!! ;)

Amy, pattern is not gone. I will list several right now!

Jessica said...

Shoes are sold out, though.

MOM said...

More beautiful and uniquely creative than ever!!!
Remember to sleep once in awhile PLEASE!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Mom! ♥ I am! :) I've been meaning to do a blog post about Ps 127:2--balance is the goal! Always balance!

Mrs Soup said...

So beautiful!

Prencie said...

The blue ones are what me eyes zeroed in on too!!!! And of course the pink and the pink shabby chic patterened ones:) I LOVE that fabric and use it a LOT!:) Guess that's cuz I'ma shabby chic kinda gal!:)

seg said...

Those booties are just too darling! Love them all!!

Anonymous said...

all of your designs are unbelievable! it is so exciting that you will soon have manufactured shows, with hard soles, but part of what I love most about your designs are the soft sole, they are so cute and natural looking, will any soft soled shoes still be available after your shoes begin being manufactured?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same as the Martha Stewart pattern?


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