Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Folie - Lavender, Tweed, and Sequins

photo from here

I originally designed this photo Friday to be an entire outfit, but after a string of rainy days, I had to change directions a bit. These shoes are the perfect shade for the girl who loves purple and the mom who can't stand the stereotypical girlie girl colors. They feature a gorgeous tweed and Vera Wang trim from my recent shopping trip. Available here tonight at 7 pm CST.

I wanted to photograph an entire outfit, but had to settle for a horrible knock out instead... a sneak peak at some of our new dresses. Everything, even the graphic mod tights, are by Joyfolie.

Here is a photo of Mia in the Jada headband, just a few available tonight at 7 pm. Again, I intended to take a better photo, but weather did not allow! The shirt is by one of my fav sellers and friend, Jen of Dear Lillie. My darling girl could not stop singing for a single photo!

At long last Photo Friday... on a Monday!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

ahhhhhh you outdo yourself every time! I am swooning over here! the shoes! the tights! the dresses and jackets! and that headband!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

You could call the post Monday Muse...

Kim said...

Darling dress and jacket! Will they be for sale next week?

Meredith said...

Dying over the headband, just dying. I love it and may try to get one if I can manage to stay up that late.

I've sent a couple of emails Jessica as the last purchase I made from Joyfolie has yet to arrive (bought sept 11)

Jessica said...

Mrs. Life, thanks for the suggestions. I'll keep it in mind! :D

Kim, the dress and a version of the jacket will be ready when we launch holiday, around thanksgiving. I will have an exact launch date soon.

Meredith, we'll take care of it! grow that baby!!!

Jenni said...

what a ham! she looks beautiful, right in the midst of her song!

Dear Lillie said...

Ahhh - love all of the new stuff! And haha - I linked to your holiday preview post earlier today in my blog post and then came back here and saw this tonight! Haha!

Jessica said...

Jenni, you are so right--BIG TIME ham!!!

Jen (of Dear Lillie) I will get a better composed shot that shows off your adorable t-shirt, soon!


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