Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jolly Good Times


And to think....

..... all this fun came from only one (very full) bottle of Strawberry Shortcake shampoo.


What are your kids into lately?


Meredith B said...

Oh my. Great series of kids being kids shots.

Bronwyn is not up to that degree of mischief lately. She has one thing on her mind though and that's making sure Santa knows she wants a watch (with emphatic gestures of holding her little arm out at us and tapping her wrist while explaining Santa will bring her a watch for that arm!).
We think Santa has a watch just for her to find hanging from a pretty bow on the Christmas tree on the 25th.

We've been told, we're in the know ;)

Jenni said...

LOVE IT! They are too cute!

Prencie said...

Awww, so much fun!!! My kids have been driving me nuts, lol!! I JUST found 4-5 presents under the tree all strategically ripped! Ah!

Jewllori by Lori said...

My kids are into everything. Mostly markers on walls and picture frames, and pulling things apart. Mostly maddening, sometimes funny :)

merry Christmas!

Mande said...

Love this post!! Bet the bathroom smelled yummy! :) Lane is into drawing on the walls, the floors, the chairs....with markers! Hope you all have blessed and Merry Christmas!! XOXO


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