Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet Karri - Our Resident Illustrator

"A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked."
~Author Unknown

As far as businesses go, here at Joyfolie we're small. Often times I yearn for us to be a little further along: be a bit bigger, have more inventory, a few more helping hands... But one of the things I love about how small we are now is that all our items have a history, a story. Many times I have shared with you where I found some vintage buttons or how I got lost on my hunt for antique lace in the city or the thoughts I had that triggered a particular design. Our new addition of embellished tees are no exception! All our designs were custom illustrated by my dear friend Karri, pictured above.

Karri and I have know each other for, gosh, over ten years now, maybe! (K, has it really been that long?) Karri and I are kindred spirits... a longing for deep spirituality, a passion for family, a love for quotes, a delight in design. I trust Karri's taste implicitly. Karri lives in Michigan, and I moved to Texas. We kept in touch regularly, especially as we both found out we were due with a girl within weeks of each other. Over the years Karri sent me cards with quotes and her water color illustrations, and I have them tucked into places about the house. I always thought that Karri's illustrations would fit in perfectly somewhere at Joyfolie, and I am so happy to finally offer them! All our embellished tees were images that Karri painted for us, and we had screen printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink. I couldn't be more please with how they turned out! The images are soft and fresh, but with that vintage element that I love about Karri.


I had really high hopes for photographing these, but the truth is, they finished weeks later than expected. I ended up photographing them in a pinch outside, while Mia kept picking up the tees and Aidan was shaking the paper. Hopefully, into the new year, I can get some better photos.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of Karri....

and her adorable six year old son, Finn, a true sanguine, known for his outlandish quips, like coming home from the library with a pained look on his face, saying, "You always like those books with cottages and meadows and stuff... I want more boyish books."

and her adorable 3 year old Gemma; a gem indeed. She is such a doll. It pains me that she is too far away to use her as a model....

I asked Karri to share a bit about herself, her family, and her artwork with you, and this is what she said:

"My husband and I have been married for a little over nine years and have two children. My son is a beautiful boy named Finn, he's a six year old force of nature. Energetic, enthusiastic, loud and creative.

My daughter Gemma, a little wisp of a three year old who changed my mind about pink. She's funny, affectionate, imaginative, and all about "bellawina's."

The prize of motherhood for me is learning who these amazing individuals that I've been entrusted are. They're so unique and complete. I have profound respect for these little humans in my care.

I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember... I don't recall when I got my first set of watercolors, but other than a pencil or ink, it's best reflects the clean simplicity I love. Whimsy, a quick light touch. Nothing too perfect or serious, funny because I'm a serious perfectionist. Maybe it's more art therapy than anything because other than the occasional wedding invite, or cards for friends and family, I draw and paint for myself or my kids.

Ideally, I like to create when I have time, quiet and a clean house. In real life it's more along the lines of; I need a gift tag and card for the party that starts in an hour! What saves the day in these situations is that I love beauty and am inspired by the creativity of others. I tend to file away the ideas I love along the way."

Thanks, Karri, for sharing your talent and a bit of yourself with Joyfolie! XO!! You can view all of our tees here.


Dear Lillie said...

She is so talented and so beautiful! And her children are adorable!!!

Jessica said...

Karri is gorgeous and so is her son... and her daughter... They are the beautiful family! But so are you, Jennifer! Your cutie pie daughter and I saw the photo of you right after you had Lillie--you still looked stunning! That's not right!! ;)

Laura said...

She is very talented and her children are adorable!


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