Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wish List

1. Carved in Oak Belted Dress from Ruche 2.Urban Terrain Boot from Mod Cloth 3.Strong of Will Top by Anthropologie 4.Dessert Storm Jacket also from Ruche 5.Wall Paper and Fabric from the Designers Guild

Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a lovely holiday so far... sipping hot cocoa, snuggling kiddos, making snow men and all that. Here at our house, the holidays are a whirlwind. We kick start the month with back to back birthdays (Aidan's and Mia's), and then Robert's birthday is just a few days later. As you may know, my hubby is in wine, so he works seven (yes, 7) days a week for most of the month. I'm busy with orders, the kids have parties, the decorating, the buying, and on and on it goes. Add in a few 4 am nights working on samples, and I am one tired girl!

I'm looking forward to having every last package in the mail within the next few days, and taking some time to "just be" with my kiddos. However, surviving arrival to that point is, well, a feat! Robert asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and it was so far from my mind that this evening I took a few indulgent moments to browse online. This is what I came up with. What's on your list?


Christina said...

Gorgeous choices! My list for hubby is a new pair of running shoes & a running armband for my iPhone so I'll be ready to run the Houston 1/2 marathon at the end of Jan. Oh & since Antrho had that extra 25% off sale today, I treated myself to early Christmas gifts from myself. LOL

Jessica Haley said...

Christina, that is SO FUNNY! Because I saw their sale too! What I didn't say was that I bought that green shirt! It was only $29.99! Too good to pass up!

Meredith said...

I need a new pair of jeans and want a pair of TOMS shoes in red. I usually don't ask for much since I spend so much on the kids. My favorite stores are Anthro and Fossil apparel.

Jessica said...

Meredith, have you seen the Tom's red boots?

Marley's Momma said...

Ahhhh...I've had my eye on the silver sparkly TOMS! Love those and always a great cause! My #1 wish (and your choices are all sooooo lovely, Jessica) is this pair of Miz Mooz black knee high Marilyn boots. They are a perfect cross between western/cowboy boot and beat up motorcycle boot! Need them!!!! But more importantly, we have a friend (Todd) who is stuck in Houston with his wife & family...he has been battling cancer for 6 years and went to Houston Medical Center to try to qualify for a last shot clinical trial. His health has taken a turn for the worse and the drs do not think he will make it home, so they are trying to arrange an angel wings ambulance flight for he can get back to his bed and his dog, Tucker, who has been his constant companion for years! So, MOST importantly, I'm wishing for a miracle for them!!

Happy Holidays to you and your family, Jessica, and to all of the other Joyfolie mommas out there!


Ana Salles said...

hi=) I've been following your blog since forever and love love love=)

I'm from Portugal and found you don't know how..=P
Love your choices for Christmas! Heart that Jacket, nedd to have one!!=)

Oh and love your shoes=) I justo wanna have babies so I can order some ihih=) (too early=P)

well=) just wanted to say I love your stuff and your posts=) and wish some Happy Holidays there=) ***


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