Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I really enjoy how it has be come au courant to tout an asymmetrical look, even when it comes to hair styles. You probably wouldn't know it (because I hardly ever post photos of myself) but my hair is red and these days particularly long. Between managing a business, a small staff, two kiddos and all the household duties, I don't have a lot of time to do my hair. Lately I have been wearing it in an asymmetrical bun similar to this photo, and I've been surprised by how many compliments I get. Paired with a textured scarf, leggings, and boots, it a super easy (but still stylish) look. The photo above is from This is Glamorous, and you can see her helpful tutorial here. I don't do mine quite like that, though. I braid it on the side, pin it a bun, and go--maybe run an iron on the side pieces. Five minutes top. To keep the slightly messy look from being dowdy, I pair it with darker eyeliner. Of course, today, I didn't even do that! *le sigh*

Also, in case you didn't see it on our facebook page, more Piper Shoes in sea glass will be available here Thursday night at 9 pm CST.


Prencie said...

I'm a HUGE Asymmetry fan! One of the things I remember the most in design school is how to decorate or design, asymmetrical:) Well, at least your looking better than me, lol:) I have long curly hair that I toss up in a ponytail and tuck under with curls showing beneath my lil curly bun:)

Jessica Haley said...

Prencie, I bet you rock the curly bun ;)

Another style I like is an asymmetrical braid, esp paired with a Free People jacket and a long necklace. I think it's important to do little things to still feel cute--but it is much harder with kiddos. Mia usually stands by me the ENTIRE time I get ready, demanding blush when I wear blush, lip gloss when I wear lip gloss, dry her hair with the dryer after I dry mine--you get the idea :)

Jen Williams said...

I LOVE the asymmetrical braid, and even for curly hair :-) What a fun little post!


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