Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bryce and Kate



I don't know if it's the string of grey days, but sometimes I feel a little tired of the same-old and want to do something new: like dye my hair. {Oh, did you think I was talking on a spiritually profound level? We're keeping it superficial today, people. Hey, in life, I like a mix of both--the profound and the light-hearted.} I've had red hair my whole life except for one day, when I dyed it blond at the Aveda training institute. It was striking--and a touch grey. Yikes! The next day, red again. After that, I don't think I'll ever stretch so far out of my comfort zone again... but I do get tired of red and freckles. Anyhow, I saw this picture on Hip Hip Gin Gin of Bryce Dallas Howard, who will be the new face for Kate Spade. I'm a fan of Kate and Bryce, and she is wearing her red hair and bright colors so well, it made me feel a little bit more content with what God gave me.

What about you? Have you ever had a horrible dye job? Or changed your appearance in a dramatic way?


Lauren said...

I dyed my hair black. It was horrible. It took 4 hours to strip out the color. The hair dresser couldn't get it all out, so she just bleached it until it was white. Bad bad bad. Never again. I'll stick to my brown.

shayna said...

oh soo many bad experiences! I wanted a dark brown, ended up with blackish purple blotches and i had it done! It was horrible i cried after leaving and soon after had it fixed.. so now i get nervous when anyone touches my hair!!

Meredith B said...

My hair and I punk rocked our ways through high school and my university years, very partial to red and purple. Every cut, every colour combination, some bad (I'm way too pale for black!) some amazing (a kooky short choppy platinum blonde 'do).

About 6 years ago just before Matt and mine's first trip to Barbados together, I cropped my hair to about the shortest pixie cut a girl can get before you move into buzz cut territory. It turned this gorgeous bright strawberry blonde from being in the tropical sun and being so short! After that I just let it grow and grow and grow and stopped colouring it. Naturally I'm one of those hair colours that depends on how people see colours individually, sometimes red, sometimes auburn, sometimes dark blonde, sometimes dark brown etc etc etc. Because I just *have* to play with colour I put two fire engine red streaks in the under layers by my ears last winter. By the time of my wedding this past August, my hair was waist length and couldn't have been more hippie-ish if I tried.

On our honeymoon I had my hair cut to chin length, at a very zen Aveda spa, into a really sexy bob and donated the cut length to Locks of Love. Now with our new boy just DAYS away from his debut I'm considering a short choppy cut (like Keira Knightley in 'Domino') with a slice of blue in it!

Hair is a wonderful way to express yourself and break free of self-imposed beauty standards and as my gramma told my mum when mum was having a bit of a freak out over my hair antics "It's just hair it'll grow back. It could be worse - she could be smoking, or riding a motorbike!" (I was 15 :D ).

Kelly | Glamour This! said...

ha, i've had every color in the book. Plus whenever I am down, the first thing I change is my hair. Drastic. Long to short. Blonde to black. Even pink in college.

I did have 1 horrible hair experience back in high school. Layers were starting to become popular and I obviously wanted to be in, so I asked my hairdresser to cut me layers. I had bangs at the time, but doesn't my hairdresser cut the shortest layer the same length as my bangs. It looked like I had a bowl on my head. Everyone called me a rocket. I was so embarrassed. Now we just laugh about it. Man, was it ever ugly!

Hana said...

ummm, yeah! I have long brown hair...have had it all my life...except for when I was pregnant with my first child...I went blonde and super short, above my ears short! Whoa! People laugh when I tell them! My husband says that his favorite picture of me was when I was holding my little belly at 12-14 weeks pregnant and I was tan with short blonde hair. It was too much to maintain so I grew it out once my son was born. I'm getting the itch to go red though...been thinking about it since before I went blonde...we'll see!

Brianne-zam said...

I've never dyed my hair before. It is almost jet black and stick straight. People always think my hair is dyed because its so dark and has random strands of red and sometimes blonde. My grey is definitely starting to poke through a bit so I know the day is inevitably soon.

During my last pregnancy a small section of my hair in the very front on both sides fell out and grew back this awesome red color. Bizarre I know. I love the color, so I think if I am super brave that I'd like to dye my hair to match. I have always wanted red curly hair!

Briana J

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing--I really got a kick of reading your stories. I wish there was a way to post pictures in the comments (like for your chin-length blond hair, Hana.) I really wish I would have taken a photo of my one day of blond hair. It wasn't a full on dye, just thick, all-over highlights, which was how I was able to dye it back to easily and it just looked a little more strawberry-ish red.

I remember being in grade school when my mom decided she wanted to get her long hair cut in layers at KMart. The hairdresser literally had a thick how-to book from cosmatology school out while she was cutting it. I was little, but old enough to know it was a bad cut.

Meredith, I saw your name and before I even read the comment, chuckled to myself, figuring yours would be good! ;)

Either way, there is something about hair cuts/colors that is so dramatic--in both good and bad ways! :D

kpriss said...

(first of all, Jessica - congrats for your increasing popularity! You and your creativity really worth the stardomness shot! Not to mention we all deserve a bit of Joyfolie design heaven!)

Now about those hairy issues - I think I somehow admire you, girls, for having had the courage to radically change your hair / style / color. I haven't. I wish I knew why, then again, I never really bothered to dig deeper into my conservative hair habits..

So I'm a brunette. light brown, actually, which gets blondish at the ends (to my sadness, when it turns blond, I have to chop it off cause those are thinned ends, in peril of splitting). Wavy to curly, with a deep frizz (if I use shampoo when I wash). I only tried to get highlights once but when I was in the chair and the hairstylist asked me which highlight I thought went better on my hair (from blond to blonder and then to blondest) I went cold feet and asked his for the one color that was impossible to tell from my natural one.

He looked at me raising his eyebrows, asked me if I was certain and explained to me that if he went for that color I wanted, nobody would notice my highlights so it's basically a useless dye but listened to me nevertheless and did what I had asked.

The result? needless to say he was right - then again, there wasn't any need to highlight my hair again as the dye washed out and blended in looking quite natural. I was happy to get rid of it. Never dyed my hair since (and that's more than 10 years of time). I now have gray hair showing here and there and my hair struggles to find its natural shape after four pregnancies (I'm still enjoying my fourth pregnancy hair - a month from now it'll all start falling like fall leaves :( sigh) and I gave up my expensive salon shampoo because it made it frizzy, hooked on some natural washing and natural essential oils and seriously wondering if I should ever dye my hair, even when turning gray.

PS - confession line - I wish I had redhair ;) naturally red with freckles on my nose and all ;)

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I've actually never dyed my hair. When I was a kid I always blond curly hair, I think every kid wants what they can't have. By the time I was 10 though, I loved the color and have never really wanted to change it since. My color is about the closest you can get to jet black without actually being black. It's a very very dark brown and its gotten darker as I've gotten older. I've always told my husband that if I gray before he does (which will most likely happen), I'll dye it until he starts graying and then we'll go gray together or dye it together, whatever his preference is. Regardless, the one color I've always wanted to try is a nice dark auburn. I think that's about the only other I could pull off with my skin tone other than my natural color.

As for bad haircuts, there's only been one. I went in for my usual and got some new chick that must not have paid attention during beauty school. She cut my layers funky and I ended up with one side not layered at all, the other side with short layers and a total uneven haircut. It was a disaster and I had to go back in the next day and have the owner fix it. Thankfully, I still had long enough hair at that point that they could just chop most of it off and start over because there wasn't much "fixing" they could do!

Kari.adkins said...

Sometimes it takes something or someone to remind us to be happy with what God gave us. I used to hate my freckles. Then 8 months ago I had a little girl. And I found myself wishing wishing wishing that she gets my freckles. Over night I embraced my freckles!

Jessica said...

Kari.adkins, what sa weet, sweet sentiment! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Jen, I like the idea of greying together. Neither Robert nor I have any grey yet, but I like the idea... when the time comes!

Kelly | Glamour This! said...

Jen, since I gave birth to my son, I have grey hairs galore. (blame the hormones) I decided to go 12 months without dying to see how I would look with gray hair. Wonder how that will turn out.

Zang said...

Ok, I just spent half of my day reading your entire blog from beginning to end. I did the same for Mai at Ruche and that's how I found you actually. Both of you are so inspiring. I am trying to start my own business, and it's been tough as well. It seems like nobody wants to work with me unless I am a millionaire. I know you will be successful though. Your products are already in such high demand. I love all of them, including your designs for women. You can very well design for Anthropologie. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am one of your followers.

MamaMimi said...

I change my hair/look in dramatic ways OFTEN. But what can I say? I'm a hairstylist! Definately be thankful for the red hair, I now color mine to look hip like you =)


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