Monday, January 24, 2011

Hanging Postcards

photo of our products by Andrea Hallett Photography

First of all, I apologize that I left you hanging on the boots and photo Friday. I had a sick little man as of last night, right as I was trying to finish the post. Today I feel fortunate that I am able to work (all be it inefficiently) and be home with him. You should have heard the conversation between my two kiddos this morning.

MIA: So, you're sick, huh?

AIDAN: Yeah *fake cough* no school today. (big smile)

MIA: So, are you on medicine or something?

AIDAN: Oh, yeah, the purple stuff. *fake cough, pity look*

MIA: You're so lucky it's not pink.

They kill me. Although, I speculate he's not that sick because he was able to spread an entire package of white pillow stuffing (a.k.a. snow for a "snow day") through our entire downstairs. Why is it that with my children, fun always equals mess.

So, I will get the boot post up today. I wanted to also show you some gorgeous photos that the very talented Andrea Hallett took for us. Andrea was the first person ever to buy two pairs of shoes from me, back when they were just little booties. Andrea started her photography business, I grew mine, and here we both are! Andrea and I chat occasionally over the phone, and I feel blessed to know her!

She also took photographs of our postcards for us.

I don't know what it was about these little buggers, but I could not get a good photo. Andrea to the rescue! As a thanks to our customers, we sometimes drop a free postcard in with an order. However, these hanging postcards are not only hand glittered, but they are all also tied with crystals and vintage seam binding. If you want to purchase them, they would look lovely hung in a little girls room from a knob on her dresser or a little hook on the wall. You can see the listing here. Thanks, Andrea, for the lovely photos!


Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

How cool that she was your first customer! She did such a lovely job on the photos, she's been on my list to do photos with for quite some time, she's local and I love her work!

Jessica said...

I know, Jen! It has been fun to watch her grow into her photography biz. She has a beautiful feminine, fanciful style to her photography.

Meredith B said...

Jessica, guess what! Your parcel actually MADE it here this time (must be the -25 C weather). It's not really relevant to this Joyfolie post but the ruffled jacket is so beautiful and SO soft I had to let you know ASAP!


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