Saturday, January 29, 2011

Inspiration Board Tutorial

I've noticed I tend to favor certain decorative elements: wide framed cork boards, vases full of green leaves, and magnet boards, to name a few. To call this a tutorial is really sort of a stretch because I don't have time to show you the step by step. It's more like an idea, but it's fun and easy and has a million different possibilities!

Here is what you need:
galvanized metal flashing
tin snips
sand paper
decorative paper or fabric {not too thick}
spray adhesive
coordinating ribbon or twine

I usually buy flashing in one piece that is approximately 3 feet long or so at Lowe's. I think it's under five bucks. Trim your metal flashing to the dimensions you would like your magnet board. You could go as big or as small as you like! Mine is pretty tiny, at roughly 5" x 7". Using the tin snips and wearing work gloves, trim the flashing to the desired size and round the corners. Sand the edges because they can be very sharp. Next, cut your paper or fabric to fit the piece of flashing with about an inch overhang on all sides. Spray both the paper and the flashing with adhesive, then {carefully!} smooth the paper {or fabric} onto the flashing, using care to prevent wrinkles or bubbles. Trim the excess with scissors. Using a hammer and nail, pound two holes for the ribbon. String the board with ribbon, and--viola--ready to be hung! It becomes the perfect little place for photos, cards, or swatches of pretty fabric. You could even seal it with modge podge if you wanted to. This would make a great little gift, especially when paired with some magnets you made in this tutorial. Happy crafting!

P.S. There is still time to enter this giveaway. Also, I am working on a special project, so I'm sorry, but there will be no Photo Folie this weekend. Have a lovely Saturday!


Cathy R said...

I LOVE this idea...I am hosting a bridal shower in Feb. and think a magnetic board with magnets would be such a fun idea for a "prize". Can't wait to play!!

Brianne-zam said...

Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I love when you throw in these little "how-to"s Do they sell tin snaps at Lowe's too or at a craft store? Looks like so much fun. I can see where they would be addicting:-)

Briana J

Jessica said...

Thanks, Cathy and Brianne! If you want to see pictures of what the flashing looks like un-covered, you can always look at the other tutorial I did. Brianne, I have gotten tin snips at Lowe's or even the dollar store. Even heavy duty scissors would work, but the metal will dull them quickly.


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