Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mod Boots and Another T.A.F.T

Some of my my current Etsy favs (clockwise from top left): matchstick note pads,
Keep Calm recycled wood sign, herbal tea kit, autumn day print

The photos above are some of my newest luvs on Etsy. I especially think I need the "Keep Calm" sign.... if you read my Flood and Furry post then you'll understand why it would go perfectly right above the tub. Thanks, too, to those moms who said you could relate to that post or that you were encouraged by the openness of other women.

Today is Tuesday, so we are carrying on with Tell a Friend Tuesday and another giveaway! I've been a little bit nervous about going forward. You see, it took us a long time to build up our FB "likes" to where we were last week. I have been wanting to build our exposure as we are getting closer to larger shoe inventory. What I did not expect, was for our exposure to almost double in one week! If you are new to Joyfolie, all our shoes are handmade by me and my small (part time) staff. Our shoes and boots are not stocked in the listings on our site, but we replenish inventory in 1-3 dozen with specific styles of boots/shoes and listing times which we post here and on our FB page. The shoes sell out--very fast (literally seconds.) Incidentally, the next post will be the Ophelia shoes, size 3-8. I will post a time soon!

We have had a lot of emails asking about why all the shoes are sold out. So, please be patient with us as we wait it out for the next few months until thousands of shoe inventory comes in. Just, don't hate me if you can't snag a pair between now and then. I'm doing the best I can, I promise! In the mean time, our ruffled jackets, white fur boots, embellished tees, and accessories are in stock.

So, moving on, our giveaway items this week is these lovely little one-of-a-kind mod boots in size 7. Visit our facebook page (found here) to find out how to win them!

If you are wondering what to pair with these graphic little kicks, I put together a little wardrobe suggestion for you...

The scarf is by Zara, heathered legging by JCrew, adorable vest and finger puppets by Blabla, and oatmeal dress is Joyfolie, of course. One last thought, if you sent me an email about being a blog sponsor, I am so sorry I have not responded. It's on the top of my list! One final thought, you can read my random Q & A on the Makerie blog. Don't forget to tell a friend about Joyfolie this Tuesday!

I just saw people are making entry comments in this post. Please submit your entry at this link. Only entries in that location will be counted. Thank you!


Hana said...


zime said...

This is so lovely!! Thank you so much for share my work!!!

Addy Van Anne said...

I love these cuties! So pretty!

Jane said...

Ahhhh! Cutest feet ever!

S.Shepherd said...

These are so cute! My daughter would love these.

TaylorRenee251 said...

adorable <3

Tenea Elise said...

I love these!

Mrs Soup said...

So gorgeous as always. I'm still willing to help if you want it! Let me know if I can do anything!

Victoria said...

These are goegeous, I love them & my daughter would too! <3

galpinstudios said...

Gorgeous little boots! got to have them !

Anonymous said...

Those boots match my daughters eye they are so gorgeous bloodcrys@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

very cute boots hope my granddaughter will like them

Carrie said...

So cute!

M,K,E,N said...

These are made for my pixie girl! I adore. mattkatew@gmail.com

SheShe Marie Boutique said...

LOVE!!! <3

SheShe Marie Boutique said...


Anonymous said...


MMEckel said...

Wow! I just Love your work and have posted a note to your blog on my Blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love these!!

Sarah said...

These are so adorable!!

Priscilla said...

Love 'em! I think they would go well with my pregnant belly!

Hana Joy said...

Too cute for words! I love them!

Jessica said...

Aghhhh! I didn't see people were posting here. Please comment under the FB photo! It will take me too long to add all comments together from several different place. Only comments under the FB link below will be counted so I can use random.org to select the winner. Thank you for your understanding!


Tracy said...

Oh I want them...sharing it on FB. SO CUTE!

Sherrill said...

Those are very very cute shoes!

Bale Family said...

These are the cutest boots I've ever seen! Love them!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Jess, if you want some help tallying it up, let me know! :) You've got 126 comments on the wrong link on facebook already!

William & Katie said...

Thank you so much for featuring our Keep Calm sign!

Anonymous said...

okay... i need these boots for my baby girl.... adorably chic!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable boots!!! I shared it on my facebook too! bradfieldfamily@gmail.com

Taryn said...

Absolutely love these. I shared them on FB too. *sigh* tank_2323athotmaildotcom

Sam said...

Such cute shoes...adorable...already got comments on my facebook from sharing the pic...

Meganjaye said...

Love these !!

Beth Tachick said...

My Annie would look so cute in these!

theclowers4 said...

SO precious and so glad i saw a friends posting of this on facebook!!!!

Courtenay_e said...

Darling, darling, darling. I love the buttons. Heck, I love everything about them!

jennifer B said...

SO ADORABLE i don't even have a toddler boy and I want these. just incase I pop out a girl ;)

Gracie said...

sooo adorable! Galpin studios sent me.

Rikki said...

These are so unique and adorable!

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful

Anonymous said...

They are the quitest boots i have ever seen my granddaughter has to have them. citigurlnyc@yahoo.com Love the music

Anonymous said...

Sweet little boots for my sweet little girl-they are beautiful and so is my sweet 'Lu'

Anonymous said...

soooo cute :)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful things...

Renee Leffers said...

Oh these pieces are INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Leigh Redstone said...

Those boots are so my style ... I love them. :) My daughter is looking on, and she just said, "oooo, pretty!" I guess it's official!!

Lpersicke said...

And it is official . . . my daughter dresses WAY BETTER THAN I DO! At least one of us can be a fashionista! AWESOME BOOTS

FlorDeLunaCreations said...

I love these boots. I've never seen some beauty like these ... they are gorgeous!!! love them

my email: chuchurunguita@Hotmail.com
fb name: Mariana Lovely Munoz

Michael Lantz said...

Those little booties and those finger puppets look beautiful.

Lucia said...

Hi, I want your 10 pairs of new boots in 7 can be?
please send me a message je_suis_ange@hotmail.com
I love them,
Lucia Ochoa

Brandy said...

These boots are gorgeous! My daughter, Kendall, would look so adorable in them.

citygirlbd@yahoo.com and Brandy Davis Heitkamp on facebook. I shared on FB!

mary katharine said...

Ahhhh, love Zara, but have no access to shop there ... so thrilled to have found you! I have a couple of little girls who would adore some goods of yours. You work is beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Lisa Crosby said...

I think these are the cutest things i've ever seen!

Holly said...

These boots are so cute! I wish I had a little girl, but I know just who'd I'd give them too!

Michelle said...


Kelsie said...

how do we order these?

Laura Ault said...

I need these. How do I order?

Linda said...

I just saw these little booties on Pinterest. I am in LOVE! So cute!

Anonymous said...

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