Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo Folie - Rust, Scrolls, and Red

photo by Jose Villa

Happy Photo (errr) Friday. If you are new to the Joyfolie blog, every Friday I blog a photo I find beautiful and design a pair of shoes inspired by it. With the holiday, busyness, and such, I haven't posted a Photo Friday in awhile. Also, Friday tends to be a busy day, and it's been challenging to keep up with the posts. I've considered moving them to Monday or Tuesday, but have yet to come up with a catchy label for that transition. So, for now, just know that Photo Friday could show up any time!

Today's image is by Jose Villa. I really love his photography. He shoots in film, and all his images have a beautiful, light, ethereal quality to them. I always feel inspired when I visit his blog. What drew me to this particular photo is that I happened to have fabric with the exact same color and pattern as the scrolls in the chair. Paired with red like the bougainvillea in the photo, I thought it would make the perfect pair of peep toe booties. And thus.... the Isabel shoes.

Because Jose's image was shot in Mexico, I gave them a Spanish name. There are only a few pairs, found here. I hand tea dyed the fabric. They have cuff detail like the Colette shoe, that can be worn up or down.


Just for fun, I threw in a photo of my little sassy miss. Cute, but a little contrary these days, for certain. Special thanks to Jose Villa for the beautiful inspiration! In fact, I found him so inspiring, that I have a second Photo Friday also based on his photography. Don't forget, too, that you have just a few hours left to enter the Sophie Wrap Giveaway! Happy New Year!



Jessica Haley said...

All that is left is the size 6!

Christina said...

Gorgeous!!! Will you be posting the other photo friday tonight too? :)

BlackRibbonPhotography said...

These are stunning! You are so very talented.


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