Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photo Folie - Turqoise, Pink and Dots

Taken and Saved by SLG DEsigns

In case you're new, first of all, hello! And let me introduce Photo Friday. The idea originated that every Friday, I would design a new style of shoes based off of an inspiring photo. However, Fridays are busy, and so now they just show up whenever... and I still call them Photo Friday; I know, it's nonsensical. Anyhow, I love today's image, by SLG Designs. It is a perfectly captured diptych; I love the juxtaposition of colors and perspectives. So, drawing from SLG, I used similar photo-styling for these shoes:

We have done several Ophelia shoes, these Ophelia's are in a turquoise and brown polka dot. You can find size 4-8 available here. I wish I could have gotten a better photo, but we had rainy, grey weather all day today! Nonetheless, I love the fun, mod print, of these!

Additionally, I am offering a last call on our Vintage Rose Tees! All the ones that were pre-ordered with our holiday launch were mailed today, and I have just a handful left. They coordinate perfectly with these snappy little Pink Dotty shoes. Shoe are found here and tees here.

Happy... er, Sunday! Thanks to SLG Designs for the inspiration!


Jenni said...

i love that you still call it photo fridays, even on a sunday (or any day that they pop up!

another beautiful pair of shoes!

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks so much, Jenni! Hope you are well and had a lovely new year! :)

Marley's Momma said...

The day of the week doesn't matter to me...I still look forward to Photo Fridays because I know there will be a new creation, based off of something you found inspirational! I never know what to expect...maybe something brand new, maybe a twist on an old favorite! Either way, love all of your shoes everyday of the week! XO!

shanon said...

Love it! =)


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