Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Piper Shoes in Sea Glass

Photos, clockwise from top left: Dance Photograph by Create Love Laugh, Perfume Bottle One, Journal by $5 French Market, Le Jardin d'Eden Print by Urban Design by Winborg Design

I have come to realize that I tend to favor certain colors, and sea glass is definitely one of them! It's feminine and vintage and looks good on so many complexions. This is just a quick note to tell you, if you have a princess-lovin' girlie girl at home (or want to be one vicariously) this is the shoe for you. Upholstery weight diamond-patterned chenille pairs with soft chiffon and hand-beaded gem. Vintage, soft and sweet... but not plastic-y princess, like so many things you see in the store.

The Piper shoes, pictured above, will be available in size 5-8 in both brown and sea glass. The brown version has the same fabric, slightly different from the photo on the site, by lovely all the same. This is just an extra photo that fit the color scheme that I found lovely! The Piper shoes in both colors and possibly others will be available at the Joyfolie website Wednesday at 9pm CST. You can see the listing and additional photos here. Happy Tuesday!


Jen Williams said...

I adore these shoes!!! The original Piper's have been one of my favorites since I first discovered you nearly a year ago, and the sea glass version makes them even better (if that's possible). Fingers crossed they are meant for Jaye's feet :-)

Chantal said...

Sigh...why do you tease me with beautiful shoes only available in sizes far too large for my little princess Lyla?

These sea glass shoes are just gorgeous!

Kim said...

The sea glass shoes are so beautiful! I love that color too and thought your description perfect. Thank you so much for posting my "Dance" photograph. Love your blog!

Kjerstine said...

These are gorgeous!!! I hope that I can get some... 9pm cst... what time is that mountain time? shoot i need to google that!! :)

Gail said...

These are great pics!

Anonymous said...

You call the color "sea glass" Looks like, "Robins egg blue" to me. As you know, I also love that color! Whatever the name is this year, this season.
Your shoes are beautiful.... and so are you!!!


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