Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Callista Boot Winner!


Thank you so very much to everyone who spread the word about Joyfolie and participated in our Callista boot giveaway! We had 3,329 entries--wow!!! So, without further ado, the winner is comment #1754 Jessica Peterson! Jessica, please email your address to to claim your prize. To see the drawing number and how I selected the winner, click here. Didn't win, there is always next Tuesday!

If you are curious about how to order from us, here it is in brief: We are a small handmade company right now--yes, things are either sold out or selling out quickly! But, we are transitioning to thousands of "real" firm-soled shoes up to toddler size 12 very, very soon! We are working on a newsletter soon, so you can get an email right to your in box when we are ready to take orders. In the mean time, please read our Twitter posts at the bottom of our website to see the next time new shoe/boot inventory will be available for purchase. For other questions and answers, see below!



Q: Is everything sold out? The items say they are “out of stock” or “choose a smaller quantity;" are they sold out?

A: When you get the message "Either product is out of stock or choose a smaller quantity" it means the item is sold out. Joyfolie is a small company and right now we are putting out very low levels of shoe and boot inventory. This is partly because I am actively working with manufacturers to convert my designs into firm-soled shoes. I am working on an order of several thousand pairs, which will run up to toddler size 12. In the meantime, we do stock our apparel and accessories and white fur boots. We also relist more shoe inventory every week, by posting specific listing times on our our blog and Facebook. These shoes usually sell out within seconds of being entered in.

Q: Is there a secret to purchasing a pair of Joyfolie shoes?

A: As you may have realized, my handmade shoes are offered several dozen at a time and tend to sell out immediately. I would recommend having the item up a few minutes before I put in the inventory, and then refresh the size you desire for several minutes before and after the listing time. I also recommend Firefox for your browser, rather than Explorer. Please don’t become discouraged is you are not able to purchase a pair. I can empathize with how frustrating this is as a shopper and am working extremely hard to grow our shoe and boot inventory.

Q: Do you offer custom orders?

A: No. Please understand I wish I could, but I spend most of my time working with manufacturers to try and grow our inventory on a larger scale. This is challenging enough, especially in tandem to being a mom to two small kiddos.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. Please select this shipping option at the time of checkout. We ship USPS first class, which takes 2-4 weeks for the shipment to arrive.

Q: Do you wholesale?

A: Demand has so far outstretched supply that we do not wholesale our products. We are working on drastically expanding our inventory, and will reopen wholesale lines when that happens. Right now, we are project spring/summer 2011.

Q: What sizes to you offer? Have you thought about making shoes for boys or for women?

Our handmade shoes are available up to toddler size 8. When we transition to manufactured shoes, we will offer up to toddler size 12. We do not have any immediate plans for boys shoes or youth sizes; our first project beyond toddler shoes will be branching into women's. When we do go to boys shoes, Ihave been wanting to do some mod boy shoes in a fun and hip cork fabric.


Katie said...

There is nothing that would make me happier than to be able to use a pattern to make some Callista boots for my nieces. I would gladly pay!


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