Friday, February 18, 2011

Design a Day - Day 4 (Ida)

I feel a little like a cheater today. These are a new style of shoe, but really the same design as these just in a different colorway. I hope you don't mind the colloquialism, but the Design a Day idea is kicking my butt! I over-think it every time.

But, I do enjoy these shoes. There is something 1950's vintage about this print, especially when paired with red. It makes me think of big poofy skirts and bright red lips. I find the little t-straps fun and girlie. They are called Ida. There is one pair available here. Just a reminder, that the best designs at the end of 30 days I will send off to have manufactured in firm-soled shoes up to toddler size 13. I will also find a way that people can leave feedback and help me make my final selection.

Nicole took Mia to Target to pick up some business supplies and give me an hour to work without interruption. Mia insisted she buy these vases, for the red flowers she picked that are blooming in our backyard. I love her. She has such a sweet disposition.

Here are Mia's new vases, although this one, she said, was for me.

And along the lines of vintage red, I adore this little shrug and the dress it's worn with.



Christina said...

This is very Mad Men. I love it! Do you watch the show?

Jessica Haley said...

No--I don't watch TV at all right now... well, except for House. I watch that while I work on the lap top. I have heard the fashion in Mad Men is amazing.

Brianne said...

i am a sucker for polka dots!!! love the black, white and red combo. a hit with me!

Christina said...

Ah, good ole Dr. House. I love that show too. Well, if you get a chance to watch Mad Men you should! I rented season 1 from Netflix & started watching whenever I had a bit of free time. I just started season 2 & I am hooked.

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

oh my goodness these are adorable!!! Can't wait for the firm soled shoes...I'm so excited!!!!

Larissa said...

I absolutely love these shoes! The cute RED flower just makes them even better! I can't wait to purchase these!! ((PLEASE SEND THIS DESIGN))

Anonymous said...

Wow Jessica you are so talented, I am so happy for you to see how much you are expanding your business, I can only imagine the joy you are feeling, you have put so much work into this and are getting amazing results, keep up the good work!!!!


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