Monday, February 28, 2011

Design a Day - Day 12 (Earthy Grey)


Break, break, break,
On thy gray stones, O sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me
-Alfred, Lord Tennyson

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't reinvent the wheel for the Design a Day today. Today's boots are a grey version of our Callista boots. I can't wait for you to see these in manufactured form! Anyway, the boots have a mix of fun grey print with mod, dandelion graphic detail. The base of the boot is a faux grey suede. Both fabrics have a slight olive hue to the grey, which is why the boots look complete when paired with the little brown wood buttons and textured brown velvet detailing inside. I have one pair, available here.

In addition, I have two fun and super, super easy grey-themed DIY projects. First, I love this adorable wrap sweater and detail around the neck--so fun and modern. Also, check out these chalkboard win bottles. I have used chalk board spray paint a number of times--so easy! These little bottles would be great table centers to write special message or the menu du jour... you know, if I actually cooked any more!

Here is another photo of the Callista boots paired with some pine cones...

Finally, check out this lovely DIY little wreath! What a brilliant idea! It's simply torn linen or cotton, threaded through a bent coat hanger. Fantastic!

Happy Monday!
Sorry this post is so late, Mia and I are both under the weather today!


Kelly | Glamour This! said...

Jessica you can't do this to me. I love that shirt and went online to find it and my bubble just burst. 605$!?! Craziness! Maybe I should try and make one. ha. (I can't sew)

Mrs Soup said...

I hope you guys feel better!!

And I cannot WAIT until these boots are in manufactured form! They are just so adorable.

Sam said...

want to make those boots in "big kid" sizes? i absolutely love them!

Jessica Davis said...

I just saw your cute little grey boots on Pinterest. Amazing work!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness! You are amazingly talented, and I am so impressed that you made those boots! I had fun visiting your website, seeing all the beautiful shoes, boots, clothes...Do you make boots and shoes in sizes 1-5 in kids? My youngest daughter loves your shoes/boots! :)

I also wanted to thank you for featuring my linen wreath, that is so kind of you to mention it! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Anonymous said...

I love those kids boots too so cute but they looked familiar to me and then i realized...Those exact boots are from anthropologie!

Holly said...

I'm so madly in love with those little boots, makes me wish I had a little girl.

Calla Raen said...

I may be a bit naive and I have never been to this site before. Is there a pattern for the baby boots for viewing and reference?

Leonie said...

These boots are so cute. I love them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wheres the pattern????

Lilybelly said...

Could I have the pattern to make those amazing boots. Is there a patterns?

Anonymous said...

I too would love the pattern if possible.

Anonymous said...

Well something is off, because the boots are on pinterest as DIY, yet no pattern nor a response to all the questions about a pattern. Hmmm. Please respond to the inquiries.

Anonymous said...

These boots are not DIY! If you look around the site you'd see that. If they are available for sale you can purchase them at the -here- hyperlink.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so rude! They are on Pinterest as DIY, therefore some of us would naturally head to this site for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

agreed! I hate that, when things are posted as DIY or free patterns and they aren't, it's a huge waste of time sifting through the ones that actually aren't available.

Anonymous said...

Found this pattern on Etsy, they're not identical, but similar:


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