Saturday, February 19, 2011

Design a Day - Day 5 (Silver Moire)

The weather in Houston was perfect today at a comfortable 75 degrees and sunny. Robert and I took the kids into the city and had lunch al fresco at a little cafe. Afterward, Robert was patient enough to let me swing by a fabric store before we left for home. I had about five minutes to take a photo before the sun set. It's a general rule that you need good light for good photos, so I am sorry I didn't get more/better photos of today's shoes. They are very similar to the Piper shoes, but in a beautiful moiré silver with little fleur de lis. They have soft and sheer slate-colored torn satin bows and a cluster of sequins at the center. They are called Levia; I have one pair, available here. I love the idea of these little flats with distressed skinny jeans {oh, yes, they make them for toddlers--Mia has a pair} and a sweet little ruffled grey top. That's probably my favorite combination, something dressy paired with something casual... like a beautiful sparkly chandelier over a beat up, rustic farm house table. Love that.

Anyway, if mom wants to coordinate, she could pick up this adorable little ensemble by Nicole Miller.
Just a reminder that all Design-a-Day shoes are one of a kind, but I will have the best designs manufactured. Also, at the end of the 30 days, we will be ready for pre-orders for our manufactured shoes! Happy Saturday!


Christina said...

I love that you are counting down to pre-orders with "Design a Day"...I am so excited!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I am excited, too... and a lot nervous! I have quite a bit of work to do to get us up to pre-order ready!

ElleBelleJellyBelly said...

Love, love, love these! So versatile. Really hoping these and the Saidi's will end up being manufactured! :)

eleffrey said...

Hi Jessica,

I love the Nicole Miller outfit pictured above! I tried to follow the link but it only brought me to her main page and I couldn't find where this particular blouse was available. Can you help me? I love your style!!


Larissa said...

These shoes are so pretty, they would go with so many pretty dresses at HOLIDAY time!


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