Friday, February 25, 2011

Falling Garden and My Girl

Bed Head. I love her.

But she has been clinging to me all day. It's been one of those days where more than 5 feet betwixt us has been unacceptable by her standards. At the moment she is hugging my left arm and kissing it up and down as I finger peck with my right hand. Sweet, yes, but long day indeed. Running a business and simultaneously caring for my children is both blissful and maniacal. Always both.

I will leave you this fantastical image, called the Falling Garden. This is a church in Venice where visitors can lay on their backs, stare at the garden and pray, while the garden "does their thinking for them." Yes, I think I need one of those.

Needless to say, Design a Day will be a two-fer tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Soup said...

I totally know those days....they are so draining and exhausting.

That falling garden though....amazing. I want to know specifics now!

Jessica Haley said...

Interesting, isn't it! I read a little bit about it, but it was hard to surf with Mia on my lap. She just discovered our new computer is a touch screen--oy vey!

Laura said...

Wow, we've been having a lot of those days too. Must be the end of February kind of thing. Thanks for posting the pic though. I love it. So pretty. I can imagine how quiet it is, which is exactly what I need right now.

Bridget Raleigh said...

Wow! This is beautiful and Amazing! I need one of those gardens too! Thank you for all your inspiration!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

I've been dealing with that same thing with my lil one for the past two days. She isn't feeling well and needs me every second. Kinda tough with a baby too. Oooh, speaking of...sounds like they both just woke up and are crying! We will wait for a double dose tomorrow ;)


That is very cool, and I have to show you some photos of my brothers' house. He makes his ceilings just like that, all the houses he has ever had.

Brianne-zam said...

she is just gorgeous! sorry it was a trying day.

Jessica said...

Wendee, what does he hang from them?

Yes, Mom of Mix and Laura and Mrs. Soup, I'm sure you all know exactly the kind of day I mean!


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