Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Papaya Art

According to the law of Six Degrees of Separation, isn't the entire world theoretically only a handful of people apart? I don't know if it's true, but it is a small world. I'll explain...

I hardly ever shop because I work. That's what I do: be with my family, grow Joyfolie, and that's about it! One rare occasion last month, however, I was able to visit this fun, funky local boutique everyone has been telling me to visit. While I was there, I was really taken with some products by Papaya Art. I loved their combination of fresh, vintage, and funky. I bought a postcard set that came so beautifully packaged in a little tin. I was looking at their decor prints online, when I started reading about their history and contributing artists. As it turns out, I recognized one of the artists, as none other than Flora Bowley, who is also one of the teachers at the Makerie! Small world! I was excited about the Makerie before, but now I am doubly excited to go to meet Flora.

Speaking of the Makerie, there are only a few days left to apply for a free scholarship!!! Please click here for details. In the mean time, here are a few more images from Papaya Art!


Prencie said...

Oooohhhhh MY! One of her bags is on my wish list from Stampinton & CO.!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!!:) I can't decide on which tote to get with her images on them!!!??? Ah! I think there are 4 to choose from:)

Prencie said...

Ok, After I wrote my comment I actually checked out her site, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Now I can tell my hubby where to go to buy the tote;) Tee hee:) I was having a hard time finding it on the Stampington website. LOVE the luxe rose tote!!!!!:) Very inspiring!

kpriss said...

Ahh, yes! The Small World issue! It may sound half demented, but have you ever met people you felt like knowing for ages? With whom you can easily bond and immediately feel comfortable?

I did. And each time I met another person like this, in completely other circumstances and various timestamps, it turned out, they knew each other! At some point in their existence, they've met and interacted. And now they're my friends. And I feel like I've known them for hundred lives before this one... Such a small world, indeed!

Jessica said...

Prencie, so nice to hear from you! Hope you are well!!! Yes, kpriss, it is funny, how lives intertwine in uncanny ways!


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