Sunday, February 27, 2011

Design a Day - Day 11 (Juliana)

photo credits: Decor8 and Brown and Button

Confession: I have mixed feelings about pink. On the one hand, it is the quintessential and consequently trite color for little girls. I think life is more fun when it's lived thinking beyond convention. I am not saying to forgo convention just for the sake of it--but rather that we shouldn't let it limit what we consider to be possibilities. So, in a way, I don't like pink because there is so much out there for little girls. Then again, my little girl loves pink. And it's such a soft, gentle, feminine color, that I love her in it.

So, I was making these boots with fabric strewn about, and Mia was really adamant to incorporate pink. So, there you have it! Little leather boots with a touch of girlie pink.

These little boots are called Juliana. I have one pair, available here. They are made of tan suede, top lined with taupe damask fabric. They have the typical Joyfolie spat, and a trio of little flowers. These same boots would be great with yellow flowers or red... or a mix of colors, even.

Here are a few more pink photos. Pink Paris by Francoise Rachez.

Ruffles and lace photo from Polyvore, pink bedding and mobile from Pottery Barn kids,
ruffled laundry bag from Urban Outfitters.

Slow buds the pink dawn like a rose
From out night's gray and cloudy sheath;
Softly and still it grows and grows,
Petal by petal, leaf by leaf.

Susan Coolidge


Mom of Mix Kids said...

Oh, how I would've loved to snag those boots.

Sarah said...

Me too. These should be available to be pre order. They are gorgeous.

Mrs Soup said...

This bit of pink is just perfect. Delicate and lovely! Gorgeous!

Mindy said...

Please please choose this design! I love them.

Larissa said...

I love the addition of the pink flowers on this boot! Please send this design!

*Dream Weaver* said...

There was a time when I too had mixed feelings about pink. I thought it way to girly... who would take me seriously I thought to myself... but slowly and surely, pink grew on me and today, I am a proud pink lover :)
Love your blog btw :)
Have a happy Wednesday


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