Friday, February 4, 2011

Photo Folie - Sun and Snow

Winter Sunset by Una Photo

Happy Friday! If you are new to Joyfolie, every week I do a blog post called Photo Folie. {Folie is French for frenzy/madness.} I choose a photo that I find inspiring and design a pair of shoes or boots to match. Today's Photo Folie was inspired by not only this photo by Una, but also by the chilly, snowy weather. Well, we're in Houston so we didn't get snow, we got freezing rain {not nearly as fun!} But due to the weather, all of us, even Robert, got to stay home and lounge about. Also, my kiddos dropped coins in the photo drivers of our computer, and it's completely unsalvageable. I never use the lap top to edit photos, so bear with me if the colors are a bit off.

Back to today's photo folie, I have several different ballet flats in a full range of sizes that I have been meaning to offer, but they just didn't seem fitting today. Instead, I decided to finally use some beautiful black-tipped faux fox fur that I have had for awhile.

The boots are called Bianca. They have a white, super soft faux white suede, and two bands across the fur. They are one-of-a-kind, and available here. Special thanks to Una for the inspiration. Have a lovely weekend!


Meredith B said...


Meredith said...

So cute! We got the ice for a couple days and today tons and tons of snow, have been stuck inside with all 3 kids ALL week and have lost my mind.

Mrs Soup said...

Ohhhhhhhh, gorgeous! omg, they are so breathtaking!!

Jessica said...

Thank you! Meredith B, have you had that baby yet? ;)

Meredith, I know--so many moms have been dealing with cabin fever and crazy kiddos this week!

Thanks, Mrs. Soup! :)

moxieLisa said...

I swear every time I think "she can't get cuter" you pull these furry lovelies together. Absolutely adorable as always.

PS Can't wait until you are carrying the larger sizes for Gia!


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