Sunday, February 20, 2011


"Do the thing you fear the most
and the death of fear is certain."
~Mark Twain

The weather has been beautiful here. There was perfect, golden light this afternoon. I was feeling inspired and wanted to take pictures of my children. Neither of them were compliant--at all! Every time I wrapped the scarf around Mia, she threw it on the floor. Stinker! So, I turned the camera on myself. In the past three years, I probably have 2 photos of myself. I always admire photographers who have enough courage to do self-portraiture, but have been chicken about it myself. One of my friends, Wendee, is a writer and blogger for animal planet. I was surprised when she confessed she used to have a fear of flying. {I mean, this gal has gone everywhere for her work, from Australia to Africa to a month long boat trip on the Bering Sea.} Anyway, she shared this quote by Mark Twain, and I was inspired to give self-portraiture a go. I love photography, and I hope it's something I can pursue more in the future. {Maybe I can find a skilled photographer willing to trade shoes for free attendance to a photography workshop!} Anyway, here are my photos....

Green scarf is Anthropologie circa summer 2010, the shirt is thrifted. This photo was taken by Aidan {6 yrs old}, who insisted he take a picture. I was telling him where to find the button, when he snapped this {he, he}. The images are processed with the lovely miss Shana's Florabella actions.

What about you, do you fear anything big or small, that you can step out and conquer?


Tosha said...

You are stunning! And if those are your kids that model for your shoes and clothes...they are stinking cute too. What a gorgeous family. Not to mention the fact that your create such fabulous stuff. Anyway, just recently found your site through a friend and have admired your creativity. You have excellent taste. Thanks for the quote on fear.

Yoli said...

My goodness you are so beautiful! Yes, I love that quote and like your friend, I am terrified of flying, yet it is the thing I do the most.

homebody said...

You are a beautiful girl. The pictures of you are amazing. You should really be a model.
I love your work keep the artist soul you are.

Regina said...

Beautiful photos & you make the cutest things :) Wish would have been around (you & Facebook - ha ha) when my daughter was little (she is graduating this year).

Betsy said...

Wow...stunning! No wonder your kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are such a gorgeous woman! Stunning! Took my breath away a little.... :)
Leah Kinakin

MamaMimi said...

Great photos, good work. Funny two year old took one look at that second photo and went "look its my mommy!" Silly boy, lol! I think he saw the red hair, blue(ish?) eyes, and pink lips and thought - yep, that looks familiar! =)

Brianne-zam said...

you are gorgeous! love the green with your striking red hair. i am scared of self-portraits as well. i needed to do one for my sewing class that i teach. i was going to model the skirt we would be making. i got all dolled up, so fun to do since i have 4 little kids and a hubby that works all the time. i totally chickened out. i didn't know what facial expression to do or what to do with my body position. i didn't know how to even take the picture of myself. a total let down.

so anyway, props to you! how did you take the first one? or did aidan take that one too?


Jessica said...

Thanks for all your kind comments! Homebody, thanks for the "artistic soul" comment. That was how I was hoping people would take it. I wrote this on facebook, but I felt awkward in my teen and college years. I struggled for a long time with weight and an eating disorder. It's very satisfying to be at a point in my life where I feel at peace with myself and to celebrate and be thankful for that blessing!

Briana, yes, self-portraits are hard! It's hard to keep composure, look natural, and be thinking about working the camera all at the same time! I don't know if you use an SLR or a point-and-shoot, but I used a 35-125mm lens and a mirror. This is much better than a timer because I was drawn to the gorgeous afternoon light and the texture of the scarf. Using a mirror gave the ability to control the focus. Try again! Play some inspiring music and give it a go! :)

Splenderosa said...

Why oh why do you make only ONE size shoe in each design? Seems to me, the sage of luxury retail, that when you're making a design you would make it in all sizes. I've never been able to purchase anything because I have young grandchildren. Just saying. And, you are beautiful!

Jessica said...

Splendorosa, there are only so many hours in the day! I am a mom to two children, I work with several manufacturers, and I oversee the ins-and-outs of daily business. More sizes mean more hours, and I don't have ten hours every day to sew multiples in every size, while simultaneously growing the business. Doing what I do now is an extremely full plate. I hope can understand!

kpriss said...

Whoa! Stunning! Bravo for you and I hope this has overcome the fear of selfpotraiture, you should really try it more often! Ask the kids to do it if you're feeling uncomfortable with staged sessions! I too fell a bit jiggy when it comes to pictures taking. I discovered that playing around with the kids works wonders though (it helps me forget that there's a camera watching).

I think I'm terrified of rollercoasters. Because I think more about technical issues than anything else. Also I'm terrified of speaking in public before an audience, terrified of dancing in front of an audience (so I dance with my eyes closed, most of the time). But I guess that qualifies as fear of failure. All of it.

And most of all - I don't fear anything if my Husband is with me)


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