Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Floral How-To


Is it almost Valentine's Day? How can that be? I have so many little Valentine's ideas I have been wanting to either offer or put together in a tutorial... but the truth is, I am so busy. So, so many exciting things. *Pinch me* I feel so blessed.

In the mean time, I love this little floral tutorial from Pretties and Posies. It changed my mind about carnations. Well, at least for this idea! I originally found this on my dear friend, Jennifer's blog, whom I still owe a pair of shoes and have a 3 week old birthday card for! Jennifer has some lovely tutorials on her own blog on how to slip cover an ottoman. So, for now, I am deferring my creative ambitions to other very talented bloggers. Hopefully I'll get my own together... or at least I will offer some red shoes, soon!




Hana said...

How sweet :) I'm not a carnation lover but this is just too cute not to try. If only I had a heart shaped cookie cutter. I'm sure I can find one this time of year. Thanks for the creative link Jess!

Jessica said...

Hana, I'm sure you could just use a knife to cut it... though a cookie cutter would prob be a lot easier. Check the $1 bin at Target--they always have that sorta stuff! :)

Dear Lillie said...

Jess - these are so cute aren't they? I HATED carnations until I saw this the other day! Completely changed my mind now!

Hana - I found some at Michael's for 79 cents. I got one large one and one small one.


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