Sunday, February 20, 2011

What is "Design a Day"?


I decided it would be helpful to do a post on the "Design a Day" concept, since I get daily questions. This will be an easy way to answer them at once. The idea behind a Design is Day is that I will design a new pair of shoes every day for 30 days. There are several reasons that I decided to do this. You know the adage, "practice makes perfect." Well, as Joyfolie is ready to round a corner out of handmade and into firm-soled manufactured shoes {up to toddler size 13} I thought it was an appropriate time to exercise/hone my designs. Additionally, Joyfolie was keeping a relatively low profile up until a few weeks ago. Practically overnight, we went from a few hundred people to ten thousand people exposed to our brand. Our previous routine of offering a dozen pairs of handmade shoes weekly was breaking down, when I had over a thousand people logging onto our site to purchase only a handful of shoes. I was concerned that people would get frustrated, and I am well aware that quite a few people already are.

Design a day is my attempt to also keep people's interest, as we are so near to selling thousands of firm-soled shoes. Each pair of shoes for Design a Day is one-of-a-kind, and I do sell that one pair. Each is unique and handmade personally by me. At the end of the 30 days of designs, I will have the best designs sent off to be mass produced. It is also the plan that at the end of the 30 days, we will be ready for customers to pre-order our shoes. Here are a few more Q&A's in bullet form, for those who want to get an answer at a cursory glance:

Do you sell Design a Day shoes?
Yes, but it is only one pair. The best designs will be sent off to be manufactured at the end of 30 days.

So, are all your shoes sold out?
I'm sorry, but the answer is yes. Please understand, when I started promoting, I had no idea we would grow so quickly. I thought it would take a few months for us to grow our exposure. Had I know it would have gone quite so fast, I might have waited.

When will manufactured shoes be available?
I will offer them for purchase/pre-order at the end of the 30 days. Will it be exactly the day when Design a Day hits day 30--I can't say for certain. I promise you it will be close; within roughly a week or so.

What designs will be available for pre-order? Will they be Design a Day shoes?
No, they will not be Design a Day shoes. I already have 6 designs {most of which are posted at} and I will pick from a few of those for the pre-orders. My daughter has been wearing samples of these shoes for a few weeks now. I will announce those styles soon.

Will you make larger sizes?
Yes, our manufactured shoes will be available up to at least toddler size 13. Sorry, no boys shoes just yet.


I hope this answers some of your questions. Please keep in mind that I am not a business major, and I'm not a millionaire! This company manifested out of a hobby. Running Joyfolie is both exciting and sometimes even scary. I will be growing our inventory as quickly as I feel comfortable... starting with a few designs to start and adding more from there. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them in the comments! Thank you! :)


Kelly | Glamour This! said...

Hey Jess, is Design-a-day also include a boot design? I was wondering if you'd throw in a boot or two. But I know how time consuming it is, so no worries if you can't. I was just curious.

Michelle said...

This is so exciting! I am really enjoying seeing all of the new designs and look forward to the new firm soled shoes as my daughter (also named Mia) is already wearing a 12.5! Your shoes are beautiful works of art.

Anonymous said...

are the manufactured shoes still made in the US?

Jessica Haley said...

Kelly, yes, I will throw in a boot design or two! :)

Thanks, Michelle! :)

No, our shoes will be imported. I made multiple attempts to have them made in the US, but after contacting several factories here, none of them were equipped to produce the designs like how we make them now and with the eco-friendly properties I was looking for.

Kaleidoscope Journeys said...

Oh I'd love it if you made boys shoes, it makes me tear up a lil knowing I cant order these...I would put my son in the shoes but I think some day he'd get back at me for it :)

Zang said...

Jess, it's funny that you mentioned here "business major." I studied retail merchandising in college, and now that I'm trying to get back into the industry again, I have to relearn everything again and wished I retained more of what I had learned. Can't wait to order your shoes! I don't have a girl, but my sister is having her first after trying for several years, and it will be a girl. It's so much easier to shop for a girl.

Anonymous said...

How do you buy the design a day shoes?

Anonymous said...

So where will u post that the shoes are ready for pee orders? How will I know when?

Anonymous said...

I love all of your shoes they are simply to die for but as I am a mother of FOUR BOYS I have no use for them so I am pleading don't forget about the cute little chubby cheeked boys that would also love to wear your shoes

Anonymous said...

How do u purchase design a day shoes??

Jacqueline and Lily said...

Congratulations one your expanding company! :-)

Jessica said...

To answer some of the question, Design a Day shoes are always listed on our website: I post SOLD OUT when the pair is gone.

I realize a lot of mothers of boys want me not to forget about them! The biggest concern is that construction and soles of boy shoes are completely different--and it's a sizable endeavor to branch out into them. I hear and appreciate your requests, though, and will keep you posted as we consider this as an option.

We will post when we are ready for preorders EVERYWHERE!!! On our FB, blog, with our affiliates--as many places as we possibly can. You won't miss it! I promise!

Anonymous said...

How do you purchase a pair?? I see many others are just as confused as me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alisha,
I'm really interested in promoting their shoes in mexico
here are some people who are imitating their shoes clearly not resemble yours and also use your photos with other brands.
I would like to bring your brand to Mexico, your quality
I wonder if it might give me a wholesale?
would be interested in buying 100 pairs or 200.
I await your response
Lucia Ochoa

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the shoes. I am so excited to hear that we will soon be able to order. I will be ordering asap:-) You are very talented!

amy jane said...

Can't wait to order several pairs, your shoes are just beautiful! Best of luck to you as your business grows. :)

conie said...

i love what you do and want to be your distributor in australia please please please e-mail me at

KD said...

Such lovely designs! Congratulations on creating and growing your business, I'm sure even better things are in store in the future. :)

I do so wish you made shoes in adult sizes, though -- they're so pretty! My sister has very small feet and has trouble finding shoes in her size; she would adore these designs if they were just a wee bit larger. :D

Evelina said...

great stuff love to see fellow mom-trepreneurs out there


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