Thursday, March 3, 2011

Design a Day - Day 14 (Mila)


On Facebook, some of you were hinting that I might do an Oscar-inspired shoe. Why not! So thanks to so many of you who left links and comments! There was definitely overwhelming feedback for the lovely miss Mila, pictured above. I loved Cate Blanchett's adventuresome little number, but part of it came down to logistics--the fabric I had readily available and a color I had not worked with yet. I had actually just picked up some lavender leather, which fit perfectly!

So, I started with the lavender leather and did a peep toe, but I drafted a new pattern, and it comes much higher up on the foot, almost like a bootie. Confession: I was so tempted to do three small leather bows. I thought that would be so cute and also a little more versatile, but that strayed a little too far from our inspiration. I thought what was notable about Mila's dress was the pretty lace and cut outs. Thus... the Mila peep toe bootie...

This shoe is a warmer purple, and I slightly prefer the bluer tone in Mila's dress. However, purple leather is hard to come by, and I thought this shade was lovely, too. But, you might see dusty bluish violet lace in some new apparel this summer... just maybe *wink*

Onto pretty purple photos, like this lovely bouquet of lavender and the gorgeous light in this photo from Vogue:

My studio is actually the palest shade of lavender called Moon Dance. Here is another lavender room, that is very high glamor. {Yes, we are very fancy today!}

I have one pair of the Mila shoes in size 7, available here. For more about Design a Day, read here!


Anonymous said...

Do you ever take requests for your design a day? I Would love to get a pair of boots in size 2 : )

Dear Lillie said...

I have been MIA from blogs this past week or so but have so enjoyed catching up on yours. Love all of the beautiful shoes and boots you have done this week! Will e-mail you back soon. Am sorry we won't get to meet this weekend =(

Larissa said...

I think these are so Delicate and Pretty. The only thing I think would look better is to cut the lace around the top edge of the shoe. Not sure I like it going over the skin. But regardless it makes me want to go out and buy my little girl a lilac dress to match them! Please let this be one of the designs to SEND ON!!!


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