Saturday, March 5, 2011

Design a Day - Day 15 (Vintage Cherry)

Good morning! So, this design marks the half way point of Design a Day! That means only about 15 days to go to pre-order our firm soled shoes--yay! Today's shoes are inspired by several different photos....

They are inspired by cherries... like in this photo by Diem Design.

... and they are inspired by these adorable little red ribbon pigtails.... I don't know what it is about this photo, but it makes me think of my own childhood for some reason. My daughter's hair is also fine and soft with curls just like this.

And finally today's shoes are inspired by the color pairing in this door photo of deep vintage red with mint. Nicole and I were talking about this as I was lining the shoes, and how this shade of green is the kind that reminds me of retro ice-cream shops and milk glass.

Put it all together, and today's shoes have a vintage-looking cherry print. They are lined with mint colored satin. But of course, their notable feature is the ruffled red toe and coordinating red strap.


I used to make ruffled toe shoes all the time, and then got away from it, but I think they are fun! I have another idea with this same embellishment. Plus, we still have 15 more designs to go! I have to admit, I feel like there is one design {something really special} that hasn't come out yet. It's strange; I can't exactly describe it.

Anyhow, I have one pair of the vintage cherry shoes, called Lucille; available here.


Anonymous said...

where will be able to place the we do it through your website or your blog? Preorders start in 15 days, right?

Michelle said...

Adorable! Love that cute red ruffle on the toe.
Can't wait for the pre-order! :)

eleffrey said...

OH! I missed them. Do you post these at the same time each day, so I know when to be at my computer? Or is it random? Reeeeaaaallllly want to buy a pair for my almost 2-yr-old daughter, Norah! :) Love your work. You're amazing!

Bootsie said...

It's been forever since I stopped by to see what was lovely and wow there are my little one's curls! :) She is now 3 and a half, her hair is down to her waist and I STILL can't cut off those curls, I love them so! I always enjoy the way you see our beautiful world!

Stephanie said...

Jessica, I wish I'd known about you when I planned this party...those shoes would've been a must-have!

Also, my apologies for the misspelling on Babble's been fixed!

Jessica Haley said...

So sorry! It's been such a busy couple of days, that I totally forgot to check this post for comments!

To answer the first comment, there is only one pair of shoes per Design a Day, but you will have a chance to vote at the end to have your favorite manufactured. Also, the end of the design series will mark our pre-sale orders for our transition info firm-soled shoes.

Bootsie, I am so glad you stopped by! I love the picture of your daughter--such a lovely capture of childhood. And my daughter's hair has never been cut, either!

Stephanie, hi--thanks for the comment and for the feature! We love Babbel mag--it's so hip! No worries! Joyfolie is actually from the french word "folie" for frenzy/madness. If you have little toddlers around, I am sure you can appreciate the meaning of joyful madness! :)

Larissa said...

I love the nostalgic feeling I get when I look at these shoes! The design is really pretty too! Hope you choose this design to send on for hard soles!!!


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