Thursday, March 10, 2011

Design a Day - Day 18 (Blush Sparkle)


I should have called this Sparkles Part Two--The Extra Girlie Version. While I was thinking about the shoes for today, I was also finishing the blush glitter shoes I made for Mia. I was inspired by the photo above, to photograph them together.

Today's shoes are not too different from yesterdays. One of the shoes frequently requested is the Yardley. I suspect this is because they match so many things. Today's design is very similar, save a few details. This shoe is made from a beautiful gold fabric, with a beautiful shine when the light hits it at certain angles. However, this fabric also has a muted, vintage quality about it. Also, the beads on this shoe are larger and hand-stitched. I thought they were especially pretty when paired with the blush glitter shoes I made yesterday, so here are a few photos of those first...

These are for my daughter, made to her specifications :)

Here are the gold shoes, called Freja {pronounced FRAY-YAH.} One pair, available here.

Detail photo... I was trying to capture the sparkle to the fabric. I didn't really capture it though--so much better in person!

Finally, here are a few more blush-colored, sparkly images for you! Sparkle cup cakes...

For more about Design a Day, when you can purchase our shoes, and the option to vote on these designs, click here.


Kelly | Glamour This! said...

Mia has taste! Those pink sparkle are adorable! I have to admit I'm a little jealous that Mia gets to wear all these amazing shoes. She's only lucky little lady ;)

the girl said...

Love the inspiration! Beautiful job, once again!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

Can we vote on the gorgeous pink sparkle shoes to be manufactured? I was was wowed by yesterday's sparkle shoes but these today are making me swoon even more! If I could make shoes, I would be walking around in a pair of these in womens right now and they wouldn't be leaving my feet! Gah, I'll be searching the internet all day for a pair remotely similar!

eleffrey said...

Ugh....sad. I stayed up until 12:45am Eastern time last night, checking the site every 2-3 minutes or so past 10pm. If I had only stayed up another 18 minutes. And my daughter Norah is a size 7, so these would have been perfect.

Melanie said...

So girly and sweet! Can't wait to be able to purchase your gorgeous shoes for my daughter!

Larissa said...

I love this design because I think they will work with my little girls fat feet. Love the GOLD!


Ha! I was just thinking that I wondered if a Freja shoe would come out in the 30 days challenge! Great shoe!!! xoxo


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