Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Design a Day - Day 22 (Kodachrome)

Flower by Amy Butler, Recycled Sweatshirt Pillows from Apartment Therapy,
Cotton Reels print by Lola's Room, Crayon storage idea by A Little Sussy

After a string of white and silver and neutral, it was time for a splash of color and a bit of pattern. After all, spring can't be that far away, so why not bid its entry with a bit of fanciful color... and thus, the Kodachrome shoe. Inspired by the lyrics below:
"Give us the nice bright colors
give us the greens of summers
makes you think all the world
is a sunny day... oh yeah..."
-Paul Simon

I think the Paul Simon quote from yesterday had his songs running through my mind again today. The whole time I made these shoes, all I could think of was the lyrics of "Kodachrome." I grew up in the country. We has a lama, three goats, rabbit, dogs, fish, cat... a real ensemble of animals. We were a 15 minute drive from the nearest gas station. I remember roller blading the country streets to Paul Simon on my walk man. {Roller blading! Walk Man?! Am I really that old?!} Good times, though.

Back to the shoes, I had some amazing vintage green leather that I had been wanting to use. Nicole brought this fun and funky little print to the studio today, and I thought they were the perfect pairing. Baby girl can wear her happy little shoes, mom can wear this fanciful, colorful necklace from Anthropologie, and together you can have lunch al fresco on a spring afternoon {like in the photo below.}

In honor of Paul Simon, the shoes are called Kodachrome. There is one pair, available here. For more about Design a Day, and when we will open pre-order sales on our new line of firm-soled shoes, click here.


Natalie said...

these are darling! I hope they make it to production!

Natasha Klein said...

me to great shoe.
would u mind sharing the name of the fabric? :)


Best. Song. Ever!!

Brianne-zam said...

love love these!!!

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