Monday, March 21, 2011

Design a Day - Day 25 (Aqua and Persimmon)


Aqua and persimmon, coral and turquoise--they are classic pairings that pack a punch. Similarly, today's Design a Day shoes are happy and colorful. What's more fun than ruffles, especially when they are persimmon!

This shoe style is so cute when worn... if I had all the time in the world {which I do not, still not much sleeping for Jessica these days!} I would have photographed them on my Mia. If you think they look cute like this, you should see them on a foot! Or better yet, paired with some crazy graphic tights. I have a thing for cute socks and tights... Mia and I each have our own respective collection. People ask a lot about where I find the tight in the photos. Some of them are your typical Target fair, but often times I make them. I look forward to our brand branching out in that option as we grow.

Back to the shoes, they are called Camille. I am honestly not sure what the fabric is; it has a vintage thick chiffon-type of feel. They are very similar to the Amelie, but with a finished edge. I have one pair available here. For more about Design a Day and our firm-sole shoe launch {coming soon!!!} please click here.

Do you remember that green seersucker dress from yesterday by Judith March? Well, you really should check out her site--lots of fun little dresses, like the orange-accented one below. I will wear a lot in the name of fashion, I just wish {toting two kiddos} strapless was a little more practical. But I love this dress all the same!

Happy Monday!


Jenni said...

i am obsessed with these! i love everything about them!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy the posts! Looking forward to many more (:The things given are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.
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Dell T0529 said...

I really love the red shoes, I think it's perfect for my beautiful princess. Thanks!

Splenderosa said...

Your new look on the blog is fabulous. And, you know how much I love your designs & the love behind. xx's

Dear Lillie said...

These are gorgeous Jess! Will e-mail you back soon.

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for your nice notes! Jen, I'll watch for your email :)


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