Thursday, March 24, 2011

Design a Day - Day 27 (Cork!)

Kimono Kiss flower by Silla Soup and DIY Romantic Fort by Design Sponge

Today's shoes are drawn from a mix of inspiration, a Persian, ethnic, cranberry red like in these lovely photos above. Next, add in a bit of pattern and some cork fabric fabric with amazing texture and you get....

a fun and funky little pair of shoes. They have lots of crisscross straps that give them interest and make them a bit more casual. For a wardrobe selection, why not pair them with any of these colorful assortments from Maan.

Back to the shoes, they have the look of a sandal, but the functionality of a shoe, which I like. {Less mulch/sand issues at the playground.} The shoes are called Pauke {pronounced pow-cah} named after a dear friend of mine. They have a hand stitched chiffon flower. There are one pair, available here.

Additionally, I have some more pairings of pattern and light and red... Bubbles photo, adorable child portrait by My Framed Photography, Confetti Photo by Marie Hochhouse, and Blooming Radish from Spool No.72.

Here is one final photo of the shoes. From this angle, I was wishing a little that I would have added a strap up and around the ankle {like a gladiator sandal.} One thing about the Design a Day shoes, the time frame is always tight. I am always rushing... Often I snap the photos in mad dash, using any background in sight, while trying to keep the kids from rearrange or pulling any props out of the frame. But I am still thankful for the daily chance to create. I will miss it... thought I will be glad to have an extra 3-4 hours every day!

Here is one last photo of the Pauke shoes :)

For more about Design a Day, click here.


Alison said...

Ooh, these are by far my favorite. Well done!

julie - eab designs said...

Hello! Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know utterly adorable your baby shoes are and to compliment you on your creative vision. It's so enjoyable to see the photos and colors that inspire you and then the completed shoe which perfectly encompasses your inspiration.

Sarah Williamson said...

though i don't have a sweet little girl to buy your beautiful shoes for, i'm hoping that one day i do! one thing i really love about your blog is getting to see your creative process. are you on pinterest?

kpriss said...

Sarah :* (almost) same here - I can't even begin to dream about owning a pair of them gorgeous shoes, but I so love seeing the creative process and the creative bee at work! I feel so inspiring, every time I get here!

Anonymous said...

Are preorders still happening at the end of this month(do you know a date)? How do we go about placing a preoder, will it be through your blog or the website? Will be able to preoder boots as well? Im am so excited to finally get a pair of your shoes!


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