Monday, April 25, 2011

Back from the Holiday

"And as He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ"

I hope you had a lovely Easter! One of the delights of the children being so young is that they love holidays with reckless abandon! We have been dying eggs, eating candy, and picking up chocolate bunny wrappers with gusto around here. Aidan had been staging egg hunts in the yard all week long, so much so that he and Mia look like they have the measles because they are so covered in bug bites. It's a wonderful feeling--their insatiable joy and newness of everything. I try as much as I can to savor it, even though we live in a world of constant busyness.

I wanted to take photos and blog yesterday, but I decided to try and rest... I picked some gardenias {pictured above} in bloom in the back yard, cuddled the kids, and Robert and I let them litter the house with candy, basket filler, eggs shells, and toy trinkets. We all went to church, and afterward, I listened to a sermon about joy by Ben Patterson while I made omelets. {Ben used to be the Dean of Hope College, and he traveled to Chicago to officiate Robert and I's wedding over ten years ago.} After breakfast, we spent the afternoon with my family, eating {again} and swimming in my parent's pool. It was an all around lovely day.

Monday comes with a flurry of gathering details together for our launch. I am sure you are wondering, when exactly that will be. Right now, it is looking like perhaps Thursday evening. I have been tracking the replacement samples to launch our pre-order, but.... well, I just won't feel satisfied settling until I see them in my own two hands.

In the interim, I will try to keep it interesting... maybe a new pattern or a tutorial or a giveaway or another woman's shoe. I haven't quite decided which. Anyway, wishing you warm and belated happy Easter wishes and a happy coming week!



Jackie said...

Happy Easter to your family too. It sounds like you did exactly what you should and so much needed to do, rest and enjoy the little things <3

Kara said...

Hi Jessica - it's Kara from the Makerie. Great post!! Ben Patterson was my campus pastor at Westmont, where I went for undergrad - small world!

Jessica Haley said...

Oh my goodness! Small world, indeed! I miss his sermons! They were always so personal and timely!

Jessica Haley said...

Jackie, yes, it was restful and wonderful... even if rest with small children usually involves a tornado of mess afterward :)

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!!!!! I hope your day was wonderful!!!!

Barbara said...

Hi, Jessica--What a beautiful, joyous celebration of The Beautiful and Joyous! And I am jealous of your gardenias--they are gorgeous--I can smell them now! They do not do well in my soil so enjoying someone else's is a treat. Speaking of treats, what a treat it would be to have a tutorial of a little girl's shoe from you. Love your work and love your blog. Happy Easter!!!


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