Sunday, April 3, 2011

Design a Day - Day 30 {Wing Tips}

herkimer diamond ring by Mirta, black sequin bow belt, stunning black and white dress

Today is the very last Design a Day! What will I do with all the extra free time after this I wonder? {How about launch a new line of shoes ;) } So, due to a particular customer request, I have a black pair of shoes for our final design. Some customers already know that I don't wear a lot of black; however, I know it is a versatile favorite for many, and it's important to include it. I probably should have gone with a solid black shoe, but I didn't....

Instead I went with some Joyfolie wing tips... or spectator shoes, however you choose to call them. They started out like this:

But, honestly, I make some mistakes in how I positioned the black trim. But, I heard it said once that design is just a "series of happy accidents," and I would say that's true! So, the design took a turn... and I added some bows. The shoes remind me a little of our houndstooth boots, which were popular.

Here are a few more photos. They look fun and punchy from the side:

Not a great photo of them worn... I had Mia's hair in an adorable asymmetric bun, but she and Aidan were too busy bickering while I took the photo to get a great shot.

Mom can wear something equally vintage-inspired and monochromatic with these series of sharp ensembles by Edelweiss, originally spotted on This is Glamorous.

Just a reminder, to those who are new, we will be voting on your favorite of all 30 Design a Day shoes. The most popular one(s) will be converted to firm-sole shoes. After that, we will start the pre-order sale on our new line of firm soled shoes! Which means we will finally have substancial inventory of our shoes available for purchase: yay! I am targeting the second week of April, and I will have the final dates tomorrow.

I almost forgot! Today's shoes are called Etta; there is one pair available here.


Brianne-zam said...

I'm a huge fan of black and white!! Think these were a fine addition to the Design a Day. Can't wait to for the pre-order! What is the time table like for you once you submit a new design to the manufacturer until you have product? I'm sure that's all up in the air, I was just curious.


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