Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Design a Day Voting!


After over a month and 30+ designs, the Design a Day project is ready for voting! For those of you just visiting, I designed a new pair of shoes {almost} every day for 30 days. Now you can vote to have your favorite designs manufactured into firm-soled shoes size 4-13. Hooray!

Here are a few tips to help in your voting!

1. This is FB sponsored voting and each "like" is a vote.
2. Vote for your top 5 favorite designs. {You can vote for a little more or less, I am not going to be militant about this.}
3. Don't let with or without straps be a deciding factor. {Especially for smaller sizes, I may integrate a strap into the design.}
4. Consider the season. {The earliest the style can be available for you to purchase is Fall, so bear that in mind. If a summer-style shoe is chosen, I will still produce it, but not until it is seasonally appropriate.}
5. Make it fun! If you really love a shoe design, invite your friend's to vote for it, too! Joyfolie is a small, personal operation. The whole idea is to celebrate that you get to be involved in the process!

Voting will be open from now until April 13. I will also be integrating some giveaways of handmade versions of the Design a Day shoes. To see all the photos of the Design a Day shoes and to vote for your favorites, please click here.

Just a reminder that we will be launching our firm-soles shoes on April 18! I know you have lots of questions about those, which I will answering soon!


Anonymous said...

my votes are #1Eeverleigh 2# Luna #3Farrah.....can i vote here i dont go on facebook

Hana said...

Done! Can't wait to see the new firm soled shoes!

Brianne-zam said...

this is nearly impossible to choose! so fun though. i think i made myself stop at 6..maybe 7:-)

Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for your encouraging notes! Alisha said she would tally votes for those not on FB :) You can email her at info@joyfolie.com :)

brookegranger said...

That was hard!

ADorman said...

If you want investors, we are totally in (as long as we get a shoe at some point :)

Brandee said...

I'm sorry but I'm still confused do the shoes start shipping on the 18th or is that when they begin to presale? Either way I can't wait!!!

Alisha said...

Brandee~ The pre-orders for the manufactured shoes is on April 18th. The shoes will ship at a later date, I hope this helps :) Feel free to email me at info@joyfolie.com if I can be of further assistance.

emily said...

darling, darling, darling. A L L O F T H E M! But I voted for my favorites!

Brandee said...

Alisha thank you so much for clearing that up. I'll mark my calendar!

Julie said...

Ummm just found your site through Ruby Blue... can I say I am officially in love with your designs? They make my mouth water, shoes, clothes, and headbands, all of it! I'm a follower now:)


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