Sunday, May 15, 2011

For the Love of the Bean - Upcycling Part II


You may have read the last blog post in which I wrote about how I took a plastic Target bag and turned it into a pair of shoes. I really enjoy using materials in unexpected ways. {In fact, the common refrain from our manufacturer is, "Shoes aren't usually made this way." I take that as being on the right track ;) } Because the first upcycle project was so much fun, I thought I would do a few more. Since I love coffee and all things caffeinated, I figured a Starbucks coffee bag would be perfect for a reused/repurposed project.

As many of you are probably familiar with them, Starbucks bags are pretty sturdy and thick. So, it makes for a durable little pair of shoes. I used a Verona blend bag, so there are sayings about the nuances of "cocoa, roasty sweet" and "BOLD" that you can read on the shoes, along with script on the toe that reads "Can this be love?" {he, he}

Here is a photo of them worn:

Along with the reduce/reuse concept, I love these newspaper flowers, elegant and understated...

And the theme for a wedding featured here on 100 Layer Cake.

Here is one more photo of the Starbucks shoes being worn:

I received several questions about the Starbucks shoes. They are not something I will reproduce; they are just a fun, create project to get people thinking about reusing and upcycling. I am offering the one pair, size 6, via the Paypal link below. If you are looking to purchase Joyfolie shoes, you can buy a pair from our new line in size 4-13 available here. Also, you can buy/sell/trade our old shoe designs on our facebook fan page, found here. Our shoes hold their resale value very well; in fact, I have been a little shocked at what some of them have sold for on fan pages and eBay--think 6x the cost of what I sold them for! All the more reason to purchase our debut line of firm-soled shoes!

I have one more post of a pair of upcycled shoes, coming soon! Happy Monday!

**Starbucks Shoes are SOLD**


Meredith said...

I LOVE these shoes so unique and fun, I love all things upcycled. I am sad to have missed them. I might shed a few tears over these.

Well I can't part with much of our Joyfolie, I plan on saving it for grandkids...LOL! Each and every pair is so special and priceless to me, I think I have only sold 4 pairs and you know my collection so that isn't very many.

Jessica said...

Oh goodness! Only 4! Don't you have 30+? I know you have more shoes that Mia ever had--ha! Sometimes Mia ends up beating up her old pairs by wearing them in the backyard. I really should save a few of them for posterity... but them on a little shelf in her room or something :)

Jenni said...

they are so stinkin' cute! really, you are outdoing yourself! i wish i had half of your talent!

Baby's Breath Handmade said...

OMG I just saw these! I'm in LOVE!!!! You need to make more!! LOL!!! I'm with my daughter at Starbucks every day... Me with my coffee and she with their banana bread! hee hee... It's what gets us started! :-)

LOVE your work!


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