Friday, May 6, 2011

Mia's First Hair Cut


Many of you saw this picture I posted on Facebook last week. My precious Mia, three and half years old, used to have hair that had never in her life been cut. She had soft, loose little curls a little shy of half-way down her back. She hated for me to brush them, and I usually had to threaten her that I would cut her hair like Dora {this horrified her} if she refused to let me.

So, you can imagine my surprise when she came running to me last week, with an impish little grin and half her hair missing! My sweet girl, at the tender age of three, is proficient enough with scissors to cut half her hair boy short. I must admit, in hindsight, I was a little dramatic about it... might have even let a sob escape. Mia said, "But it will grow now, right?" I told her it would, but it would take a long time. "Like a day?" and so she was a little beside herself {as shown in this picture} as I explained how long it takes for hair to grow.

Her anxiety wore off quickly, and she was very excited about getting her hair cut... since she had watched Aidan and Daddy, but never gotten one herself. A lot of people asked me if I fixed it myself, but trust me when I say we needed professional help. So, in the midst of a hefty list of business to-do's, we made way for the salon. Mia was happy--even exultant--through her whole cut.

She is so unlike her brother, who used to equate getting his hair cut to Chinese water torture or being strung up by his toes. He finally stopped crying during the ordeal around the age of five. I figured that while we were there, we might as well hit two birds with one stone. But {as you can see} Aidan is still quite somber about the experience and none too pleased...

And so, when it was all said and done, Mia had a choppy little pixie:

It's still pretty crocked and the beautician debated with me about cutting off all the curls, but I just couldn't do it! I think Mia looks a little like Audrey Tautou now. Robert thinks I should have gone with the hair dresser and had it cut like the Harry Potter girl, but the thought of cutting off all her curls was just too sad!

As for Mia, she seems very satisfied with herself! At first, she looked at it long and hard and said, "Well... it's not really what princesses wear and it's a little like a boy... But I like it!" Now, she goes everywhere saying, "I can't wait to show them my new hair cut." And then she leads in with, "Yeah, I did it myself and Mommy cried!" Ah! My girl!

When I posted the picture, right after Mia cut it, I got almost 150 comments, and I read all of them! It was so fun and interesting. One mom posted how she fell asleep and her daughter cut HER hair. I have to say, that would be pretty hard to recover from! Also, a hair dresser pointed out that many young girls are cutting their hair because of the movie Tangled. That was definitely the case with Mia, and she told me later, she was going for that look... which, she actually did a pretty good job of achieving!

I know, it's only hair, but it made for an interesting day indeed! I kept all her curls and tied them with a ribbon. I suppose, with little girls, it is to be expected! Here is one more photo of Mia in her new, pixie hair do:



Meredith said...

Oh she looks so sweet Jessica, definitely a pixie over a princess these days! Bronwyn is getting her first haircut next month, ever since I cut my own hair to a pixie cut she's been asking if we can cut hers ( it does get into awful tangles and people tell me toddler hair grows in faster and thicker after the first hair cut) so I'm thinking a modern shaggy bob for her in June.

Be strong lady! Mia will probably dye her hair purple when she's 13 better prepare yourself ;)

Congratulations on your launch!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Meredith! Yes, I hear you on the tangles! I must admit, the short hair cut is so easy... and fits her. The little spit fire that she is!

Barbara said...

Congratulations, Mom! You made it through one of the great milestones in Momdom. AND she is so cute with her new look. Please, she does look like a princess--a la Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. (If you've not seen the movie, it is worth the renting.) I guess that makes you the Queen Mum!

Meredith said...

Oh gosh she is so precious and you sure won't ever forget her 1st haircut :)

I remember when my oldest told me she wanted to cut off all of her hair, I was so sad about it at first but a good friend told me that I wouldn't want her confidence to be based on length of hair and that it would grow back. Sooooo off to get a hair cut we went and 13" less hair later she was the happiest girl in the world and donated those beautiful locks to someone else who needed them.

Simone Howell said...

Jessica-- she looks adorable! And you have made the best of a not particularly good situation. It clearly could have been worse-- she could have cut your hair!! That little story made me laugh. Have a fabulous weekend and congrats on a very successful launch and hair cut! xo

seg said...

Love that girl!<3

Just wait though, mine has pink streaks in her hair :/

Jody.Kippels said...

She is beautiful with her new haircut.Very chic and sweet!

Beecome United said...

OH, I could only laugh reading this, not that I would laugh if it happened over here, as I would have had the same reaction. But I laughed because 41 years ago, when I was 3, just like your sweet girl, I too, became a barber for the day. My dear friend (who had come over with his mother to introduce themselves to us, as they had just moved into the neighborhood) Mark Hertz was my victim. Mrs. Hertz, who I always remembered to wear nothing but polo shirts and dressed her 2 boys in the most proper preppy clothes, was not as happy as Mark and I were. You see I was the only girl and my dad had just given my 2 brothers and I a shaving kit so we could "shave" with him in the mornings when he got ready for work, and boy do I remember my little dobb kit and all the "supplies" in it. Well Mrs. Hertz and my mom hit it off as friends and Mark and I went to the basement to play. We played barber and I was the barber. I cut the who front of Mark's hair off and boy, were we proud! We thought it looked amazing!! Mrs. Hertz, not so much so! She gathered her son so quickly, leaving my mother at a loss for words. The happy ending is my mother and Mrs. Hertz ended up good friends and 41 years later, Mark and I are still great friends and often laugh about that moment and how vivid the memory is! I was blessed with 3 girls (one sweet boy) and each one has played barber at least once. My 4 year old,well, a few times now. Paybacks, as my mom says!! She still looks beautiful and this will be another memory that will be cherished!!

storybeader said...

it's scary to think what an impact movies have on little ones. At least it was just hair, like you said. But I would have been devastated at first too. I guess this will be a lesson in time - I don't think anybody's hair grow noticably in one day! {:-D

kpriss said...

Oh, My God! Let me look at it again! Oh My God!!! You're so brave! I think I will most def lost it if my girl would come walking into the room like nothing, 10" shorter of hair! She too is the princess in the house you see (with three boys other than her Royal self) and I think I would be more devastated than her if something happened to her brown locks! I truly admire you and stand up in sincere applause for the way you handled the situation!

(for what it's worth, she's adorable with long or short hair! and now that you mentioned it - she kinda looks like Audrey Tautou, oui ;) )

Candis said...

She is such a doll, she would still look adorable even with a shaved head! (but we won't tell her that!)

Laurel said...

Been there... My daughter was the same age when she chopped her hair. I was horrified! :( Your baby looks gorgeous either way :)

Jenni said...

she is stunning, short pixie cut or her long hair! she does look so different now though, how crazy what a little haircut does!

OpusMuse said...

This is so precious! Moments like these are captured & never to be forgotten. I have a 4yr old girl myself & I can just imagine how she feels when she sees this when she's older... :)

Laura K. Aiken said...

Jessica this is just a wonderful story of life. Your children are just beautiful. I did the same when I was in first grade. I had to have the hair for my scrapbook! -laura.


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