Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Call of the Wild


Last week, I was creating two pairs of shoes that were Joyfolie/MJ old school. Two years ago, designer Paula Prass for Michael Miller fabrics, sent me some fabric to make shoes to promote her line. I made some spunky little Zebra peep toes. Animal prints can be polarizing {people tend to love or hate them.} I appreciate the impact they make, especially when paired with more feminine touches... like, say, Pink.

This project wasn't just for fun, it was for something specific: a well-known little baby. If the opportunity ever arises, I will tell you more. It was reminiscent of 2009, which seems both like yesterday and worlds apart from where we are today, all at the same time. Anyway, here are the tiny little zebra peeps...

And another itty bitty sparkle pair. Mia was insistent I create with this fabric. Mia frequently gives her input. In fact, just yesterday, Mia was commenting that her new dress "needed something." Considering I picked it up for $8 on clearance at Marshalls, I thought she was quite right. So, she proceed to go into our scrap bin in the studio, cut out pieces of fabric and place them all over the neckline of the dress. Finished with her handiwork, "Next is sewing," she said. Oy! I need to keep my eye on that girl.

Anyway, these little shoes have a lovely sparkle too them... thanks to Mia's persistence.

Bitty Zebra peeps... called Willow.


Finally, in other news, we have more and more of the Charlotte {cream and tweed} and Sabre shoes in route. I expect to reopen sales on our shoes very soon, and order shipment to be imminent {starting today, I hope!}

I will keep you posted. Also, I am working heavily on fall. You will love the styles, I think. We have changed around our spat boot, and it's perfect! I can't wait to show you more of them!


Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

A well-known celeb baby huh? Judging by the size I'd guess I'd guess one that hasn't been born yet or was just born? Any more hints? Isn't Victoria Beckham having a girl? Your shoes would be the perfect fit for her style. The roxies have always been one of my favorite designs! :) Those pink glitter ones are just beautiful, all the glitter shoes you have done definitely rank high up there in my all time favorites! I still have my fingers crossed for a mass produced style. ;)

Jenni said...

baby celeb! woohoo! i love the zebra print and the sparkly pink shoes too!

love that little miss thing gives her opinions too!


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