Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dreaming of Sintra

Sintra Portugal by Meunierd

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us,
or we find it not."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pre-kiddos, Roberto and I used to travel, especially with his position in the wine industry. However, now that we have two little children, we travel significantly less... but the passion is still there! When I went to Boulder, Colorado to teach at the Makerie, I met the painter Flora Bowley and she told me about her whirlwind summer of teaching and travels. On facebook, she just posted an album of her travels to Sintra, Portugal, which were stunning! I am convinced that this needs to be Robert and I's 2012 destination... I told Flora to see if the powers that be need someone out there to teach a class on shoes. Ha! A girl can dream!


I don't have much leisure time to speak of, but when I do, I love to pin on Pinterest, a great visual pinboard of photos and inspiration. In particular, I love to pin beautiful travel destinations for my bucket list. You can view my pin board of places I have visited here. And places I am dreaming of here.

Tuesday is a good day to dream big dreams, to seek adventures and to pursue them!




有力 said...

Travel is where I find myself and what centers me. I drag all three of my kids along, they are used to airports by now. The experience of knowing how others live, of a different landscape is impossible to understand in books. Beautiful images.

Ana Sales said...

AHAH Nice!! I live just 20minutes away from Sintra!! Love your blog!! =)

Beautiful pictures=)

Gabi said...

What gorgeous photos. WE are planning a trip to Europe but I must admit Portugal was not on my thoughts. It is now!! Love it.

Jessica said...

Ana, you are so lucky! Can I come stay with you?? ;)

To the first comment, I agree, it's good to think of travel with children, too. It can be done! Especially when they are a little older :)

Ana Sales said...

Ah! I think you really should come to Portugal, not only because of Sintra, but Lisbon, Oporto, Algarve.. All perfect places for hollidays ;)

Jessica Haley said...

That's the plan... 2012 I want to go! :)

Leonor said...

I love Sintra! When I was young I spent all my hollidays near the village and now me, my husband and my three pirates live just around the corner! It's the most beautifull little village... once the summer home for the portuguese royalty.

Just love your work!


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