Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Experiment and an Update


Gold and pink are the perfect princess colors, and the right shade is all the difference between demur and tacky. My Mia has an unending love for pink and princess and glitter. So, when I found some interesting gold fabric, I had an idea for a different kind of shoe. A summer sandal, if you will, with just a touch of pink:

This was just an experiment, and there are some flaws with this one. I think this concept would be more practical with something with a tighter {less hole-y} fabric. Still, you get the idea. Airy and sweet, princessy, but hopefully not over the top. I think this would be equally lovely in a mustard yellow basket-type fabric with daffodil flower.

Often times when I make something new it is to process frustration. This shoe was no exception. For one thing, it has been in the 100's all June. {Booo!} I had about an hour worth of graphic design work into the Women's Flat Pattern, when we got a power surge {probably due to everyone running their AC} and I lost it all! I tried to recover it, when the power went out again! So, I went upstairs and channeled my efforts into something that wouldn't get undone, should the lights flicker for a third time.

In other news, I am sure you are wondering about our new line of shoes. Part of the reason I did not blog nor keep up with Facebook very well this week was because I have been on the phone with my supplier every day, doing everything I can to get the product here and make sure we have more styles for fall. With the summer shoes, all the bags they come shipped in were made too small and the shoes wouldn't fit inside. If you are rolling your eyes and groaning, then you would share my feelings exactly. So, the first batch of product is arriving end of this coming week: hopefully Friday. They are shipping the shoes in batches, as the new bags are made. I am very sorry for the delay, and working round the clock {and pretty sure I am annoying my supplier to no end} to get the shoes here. Honestly, I cut it so close by way of time frame. This is a mistake I won't make again. We have had high demand and short supply for our shoes for such a long time, that I was trying to offer them as soon as I possibly could. Even getting inventory by the fall is going to be tight. But once we develop our line, I want to avoid this tight time frame at all cost. Please know that I am so appreciative of everyone who made a pre-order and that I already factored in a thank you for those orders ;)

In closing, here is one more photo of the gold and pink experiment sandal shoes. Even though I am frustrated by the current set of circumstances, I am excited for the future... for the freedom in future designs and to be able to offer stocked inventory as Joyfolie grows!


有力 said...

It is lovely. I agree, sometimes the glitter and pink if overdone, goes very quickly into the realm of tacky.

Daisy said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!!

christi @ burlap and basil said...

you are insanely talented. oh my goodness. these are adorable and so are the upcycled ones! i wish i had a reason {aka lil bebe birl} to buy some for ... bookmarked for when the time comes!


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