Friday, June 10, 2011

Sky Blue Flowered Shoes

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I can't believe how quickly life is barreling into the blue skies of summer. I can feel the fault lines of my life shifting... the nature of my "job" changing. My days are no longer filled with the hum of a sewing machine or at least not as much. I spend a good deal of the time on the phone, on Skype, writing emails, giving sample notes. I have been busy not only preparing for the arrival of our kids summer inventory, but also with planning our fall and winter designs and our women's shoes. It's all exciting and wonderful and busy. All the while the kids are groaning that they want to bike or play or swim {just like they are right now} and so I try to fit all the pieces together. Of course, they never do fit just perfectly, but life is full... and I like it that way.

I have a few moments to offer you the shoes below. I have had them in the studio for such a long time! They have a lovely water color fabric with little blue flowers. I only have 4. They are soft-soled and handmade in our studio. Sorry about the paypal button, but the last time I posted a small amount of inventory on the website it was a mess and created an hour worth of email. So, a paypal link it is! Please note that if you are international and purchase the shoes, shipping is subject to a surcharge of a few dollars depending on location.



Alisha said...

These are so sweet, love the blue :)


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