Saturday, July 16, 2011

Available Now!


Isn't this a stunning photo by Leah Profancik! Our Sabre shoes {shown in the photo} are available now!!

As are our Charlotte shoes, shown in this lovely post by Whimsy and Style. Special thanks to both photographers for the lovely photos! My Mia won't do anything for me any more by way of modeling. {She kicked off our fall boot samples literally in 10 seconds yesterday!} So, it's fun to see such lovely shots! If you have been waiting for Joyfolie shoes, you can purchase them now! Also, we will have quite a lot more styles available by the end of September. Also it won't be long until we will tell you our fall retailer we have been hinting about! :)


Anonymous said...

ohhh!I would love to get couple pairs of your shoes for my girls!! In <3 The horsepic would be an awesome poster! Birgit from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Well I sure do love our new beauties... And anthropologie :)


Guam_mummy said...

Wow I just found your store and your shoes...WOW...oh I wish, wish, wish we lived somewhere cold enough to get a pair of Lucky Penny boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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