Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crazy Kids


If you are wondering about the week long blogging hiatus, I can explain. We rented a beach house on Lake Michigan in our old stomping grounds, Holland, Michigan. I had every intention of working the entire trip. I packed and set up so many details that would enable me to work remotely. But, as it turns out, there are still some places on the planet that don't get cell phone coverage--and our beach house was one of them. At first I tried to fight it, but it was so inefficient working with slow to no internet, that I gave up and took it as God's way of ordaining a true break.

So, we played in the sand, hung out with old friends, had camp fires at night... went to the farmer's market, ate at outdoor cafes. It was such a wonderful time--and over in a blink. You would think I have lots of amazing beach photos of Aidan and Mia, but most of them look like the one above. Those crazy kids! There is an old fashioned candy store on the cobblestone downtown street in Holland. The kids were hopped up on sugar and having the time of their lives when I snapped this. I know we created wonderful memories for them on this trip, and that's a great feeling.

Back to blogging, I do have intentions of getting back into the habit once we get into August. {Right now I am working against a few production deadlines for spring.} Come next week though, I would love to do more blog-sponsored giveaways, and create some regular blog posts like when I used to do photo fridays. I am not sure of topics yet... whether it is new designs like photo friday, DIY's, photo editing, etc. I also love topics on parenting, as it was always my goal to develop a sense of community amongst those blazing the parenthood trail together. Feel free to offer up some suggestions! Hope your summer is lovely and filled with fun in the sun thus far!

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Allie Dubbink said...

WOOHOO for Holland!! We live in South Haven and I went to Hope, so we know the peanut store well :) Hope you enjoyed your vacation! Can't wait to get my hand on some more of your beautiful shoes soon :)

Khali said...

So pleased to hear you had a well deserved break. x

Jessica Haley said...

Allie, yes, YAY for Holland! Robert and I are both Hope grads and we lived in Michigan for the first 6 years of our married life. I miss it so much! Small world! :)


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