Wednesday, July 13, 2011

little.lovely... and a shoe giveaway

Goodness. Where does the time go? I will get back into my blogging routine soon, I swear. Pinky promise. Right now I am busy with three seasons of product {summer, fall, spring} all at the same time: receiving, producing, designing. Just last year, we were hand-making in our studio. Designing one day and selling next week. The production schedule is so different now--exciting, but busy all the same. Of course, I am trying to do all this with two kiddos home. Mia has taken an affinity for oreo cakesters and leaves hansel-and-gretel crumb trails through the house. Half the time when I write emails, she swings from my arm like a monkey. Aidan has been a really sweet boy. Yesterday he told me, "You're my best friend." I am pretty sure he got the line from a cartoon, but it felt good all the same.


Since I barely have time to blog anymore, I thought I would recommend a good one to you: little.lovely. It's curated by the equally lovely Khali Whatley and includes a health gamut of parenting topics, ranging from celebrating to decorating, cooking to creating. It's a happy and hip blog with a fresh atmosphere.

Here are a few of my recent favs on
little. lovely: a lemonade stand party theme




So, be sure to visit little. lovely. Also, if you visit soon, you can enter into a giveaway for a pair of Joyfolie shoes! So, don't delay, head over, say hi to Khali and check out her fresh read at little. lovely. Don't forget to like the little. lovely facebook page and follow all the instructions to win a pair of our shoes!

To enter in the giveaway, click here.


Khali said...

Thanks for the lovely post! x

Brianne-zam said...

Miss hearing from you but excited for your busy beehive:-) Thanks for the blog recommendation! I'm sure its 'lovely':-)


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