Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back To School Photo Contest


As I have grown Joyfolie, I have similarly developed a love for photography. It's a beautiful way to capture life. The only problem is that not only am I less and less available to indulge in photography as a hobby, my Mia was become quite the unwilling model. I had her decked out in a pair of Charlotte shoes with some cute tights I made and a plaid dress with a corduroy jacket. Not only is it quite hot for this ensemble {we are in Houston}, my girl just flat our refuses to comply for photos. She will flop around like a fish or stick her tongue out or ask to get her ears pierced {again.} So, I thought I would open up the opportunity to everyone with a Back to School Photo Contest!

Here are the rules:
Take a photo of your daughter {or some other willing little model} in any of our three in-stock shoes in a "back to school" look. As soon as you take the photo, post it to the Joyfolie Facebook Page. The contest ends August 19, two weeks from now. Our staff will select their favorite, and the winner will get a free pair of our new fall boots in the size of their choice! Good luck!

Please note that in order to win the contest, the photo must be of either the Charlotte in Tweed, Sabre, or Charlotte in Cream shoes. Also, we are looking for a specific "back to school" that shows our shoes transitioning into fall {think paired with tights, corduroy, etc.} so keep that in mind! Contest submissions will send August 19 at 11:59 pm.

Additionally, I had a few requests about what the inside of the DIY chandelier/pendant looked like. So here are additional photos. Hope it helps!


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