Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Wednesday - Crystal Necklace

Today is the second DIY Wednesday. You can view last weeks by clicking here. Sorry today's post was so late. I finished the photos this afternoon, but blogger's server was down. Anyway, this is a pretty easy and inexpensive tutorial. I'll show you how to make the crystal necklace above, using an old, repurposed bracelet. In truth, the one I used was new, but I liked the colors and the price was right {$3.} Actually, you could probably look at the photo and figure out how to do it, but I will walk you through it step by step anyway and give you some info on materials.

Here is what you need and note the links below for assistance :)
beaded bracelet
soft cotton twill tape or grosgrain ribbon
toggle clasp
fishing line or stretch magic cord

pinking sheers
fabric glue or glue gun

To start, cut beads off the bracelet. Tie one of the toggle clasps to a piece of fishing line or stretch cord and restring the appropriate amount of beads to make a necklace. Tie off the other end with the other toggle clasp. I had 4 extra beads; I suppose I could make earrings, but we already discussed that subject ;)

Cut two pieces of 14" twill tape and tie to each toggle clasp. Dot the knot with a bit of fabric glue before you tie it to keep it secure. Trim to desired length.

Next, cut 6" of ribbon. Tie in a knot {again, with a dot of glue to keep it secure} and trim the ribbon with pinking sheers.

All done! Wasn't that easy? This cost me $3 for the bracelet, $.75 for the toggle clasps, and I already had the other items. So, you could probably make this for under $5. Isn't it cute! Can be worn by either mother or daughter.

Here is Mia in her new necklace. If you make one, post the picture to our facebook page. Happy Wednesday!


Dear Lillie said...

Oh my goodness - Mia looks so grown up! Love the tutorial!

Casa e Cose said...

I stumbled upon your blog - such a lovely ( and easy thank you! ) necklace.

Sara Sophia said...


Meredith said...

Love this! I need to make my girls each one. Thanks for sharing such a fun, easy craft. Meredith

Jen the CraftinCowgirl said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I made 2 of these for my nieces at Christmas and I just made my daughter one. I just posted the one I made on my blog and linked back to you :o)


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