Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Wednesday - For the Love of Pinterest

Okay, I must confess, this DIY is a bit on the lame side. I had something decorative, innovative, and pretty original planned out... but it just wasn't a good week. {All the supplies are bought and ready, though, so here's hoping I can get to it next week.}

So, today's DIY is pretty simple and not super creative. However, I really do love it! I had been working really hard all last week to organize and freshen up the studio. We just put a second desk in the studio, and it need something inspiring above it. I had purchased a few art pieces but none of them worked quite right. I was in a pinch and tired of shopping... and I had a big piece of foam board that was just the size I was looking for to put over the desk. {Do you know the foam board I am talking about? Kids use them for their school diagrams; they are usually about 2 foot by 3 foot and are just a couple dollars at the grocery or office supply store.} Anyway, I had one of those. I also have yards and yards of burlap in the studio. I love the natural, textural element to burlap. So, I simply cut a piece of burlap large enough to cover the board and wrap 2 inches around the edges. Then I got out the glue gun {yes, I love me some glue gun these days} and glued the burlap nice and tight around the foam board, folding the corners like a present on the back side.

Next, I printed out some of my favorite images from my pinterest account. I just adore Pinterest, it is a perfect and highly efficient tool for people in creative fields. I am a prolific pinner, and any time I have a spare 5 minutes, I do one run of pinning--good fun! Back to the DIY, I printed out some of my favorite images and cut a little white border on each photo and tacked them into place.

I added one of our trial flower shoe clips, some favorite saying and--voilĂ , an inspiring, pretty, and large piece of wall decor. This would be equally great in a kitchen for photos, the children's drawings, and inspirational quotes! So, I know it's not the most brilliant idea, but it's easy, cheap, and colorful. Have a happy Wednesday!


Brianne-zam said...

I too am a 'prolific pinner':) We are moving into a new home that I am so anxious to decorate. I have a board on Pinterest for just about every room in the house, so I love this idea to print those images out as I set out to decorate. Thank you Jessica!! Can't wait to hear all the upcoming news!!!

Audie said...

Random question...what kind of printer do you have? The quality looks great on your pictures! I'm in the market for a new printer...this is why I ask!

Jessica said...

Brianne, I have been meaning to email you for months and months over the sweet little apron. I was going to feature you... are you on facebook or etsy? Do you sell them?

Audie, I actually am not super crazy about our printer. We use a color laser for all our packaging because {unlike an ink jet} the colors won't run if they get wet. However, I think an ink jet prints much better photos, and I think HP has great printers for that :)

Brianne-zam said...

Oh Jessica I am so happy that you loved your apron:) I am absolutely flattered beyond measure that you would want to feature me. Once upon a time pre-#4 baby girl, I sold on Etsy at Polka Dot Square. ( I have actually been playing around with the idea of reopening before the holidays in hopes of earning some money so that i can go to the Makerie this year!!! If I do, I will definitely let you know and would adore to be featured!!!

Crafting Rebellion said...

Featured this on my site today. :)

Anna said...

This is just awful :(.

I was so delighted to find your blog(via pinterest, none the less), and have been happily scrolling through your tutorials, when I came upon this one.

Please as a an artist yourself, have consideration that all the pictures on pinterest are originally someone's hardwork, back at the main source, and while we all love pinning, and collecting on our boards, it's an entirely another thing to encourage people blatantly to print them out, which, especially for photographers, and other artists who sell print images of their work, is the equivalent of encouraging people to steal from them.

Please reconsider this post being up. I know it's from 2011, but still. Not a considerate thing to do to your fellow working artists.


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