Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mia's New Room


We finally gave little Mia's room an overhaul. She was still sleeping in a toddler bed and was ready for something bigger. It's quite hard to devote long-stretches of time on a house project while operating a business. This weekend, though, we finally got to it, and I am so glad we did! It went much faster than I figured, largely in part to deciding not to change the paint color, and instead do heavy touching up. {Wow, it's amazing how every piece of trim and inch of wall space gets dirty with little children!} Now, the old color looks really fresh. We spent very little money on the project: a $20 comforter was a great find, a soft canopy, inexpensive pink sheets {Mia's choice}, and some pretty peach flowers on clearance at Target for $1 each. We already had the other items already in the room or somewhere else in the house. Really, it's amazing how just redistributing old pieces can make a room feel fresh and new.

I apologize for the quality of the photos. I don't have the right camera equipment for wide angle shots, so this was taken with my phone. {tsk!} But, at least you get the idea. The long dresser was a thrifting find I picked up for $30. It used to be dark *bad* laminate wood, and I put textured wallpaper inside the drawer panels and finished it with glass buttons. I hung the little fabric chandelier in the past DIY, and I will have a tutorial on the artwork later today.


Meredith said...

Looks wonderful, totally gives me that Joyfolie vibe that I love so much.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Meredith! Now if only she will sleep in there!! :)

Hana said...

Sooo sweet! Great job. My girls got a new room earlier this year and it was so worth the effort and planning. I hope Mia enjoys it :)

Julie said...

Would love to re-do my little girls room! She is turning three, but it's in the in between stage. Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!

Dear Lillie said...

Love her new room! I bet she loves it too!

Jenni said...

it is beautiful!

Erin said...

you did a lovely job! if you can convince your hubby, you should consider taking down her bi-fold closet doors and putting up drapes over the closet on a pretty rod:) Perfect for a little girl's room! I did that in my nursery, although it was for a baby boy. A touch of drama.


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