Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mod Shoe Clips


For awhile now, we have been playing around with adding shoe clips for women. We have all different designs in the works, and these are the most modern and colorful. These were more about adding a fun and funky pop of color than dressing up a plain pair of shoes. {Though we love that idea for shoe clips, too!}

I have been so surprised at how much Mia adores these! I had to lock them up in a hat box, so she would stop clipping them everywhere. She loves them as bow ties, though, and clips them off-center on her little white lace-y tank top. That girl! For 3, she does have some style!Photobucket

Anyway, these funky little shoe clips are available only in a few per colorway. Clip them to your shoes or your daughter's shoes--or your little girl's lapel--wherever you enjoy an extra bit of mod print and color. They come two to a set, are approx. 3" long, and come packaged in a fabric bag. Please note the mustard pint color may have trace amount of umber or blue on the print. Handmade in the USA!


Robyn Shackleton said...

So cute :)

Jen Williams said...

I love that you are posting a few things for us buy today, and that my daughter is napping giving me a chance to shop! Thank you so much :-)

Brianne-zam said...

I'm loving shoe clips right now!! I made an Anthropologie knock-off pair for my sewing group as our monthly Giveaway. I am loving them. Just wore them on my plain sandals this week to give them a girlie kick!
So fun!


Dear Lillie said...

Love these, Jess!

Lindsey said...

Love, love, love these!

The McClellan Clan said...

these are so cute!! But if I may ask- what shoes are you modeling them with, cause I think these would look better with some shoes than others, and your shoes are really cute!!


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