Friday, August 5, 2011

Pinot's Palette


Last night my brother, SIL, Robert and I went to Pinot's Palette. It's a fun concept: they provide paint, canvas, and instructions to create your own acrylic painting step by step. The name is Pinot's because you can bring your own wine {they supply the glasses} and snacks. With the music playing and wine flowing, as you can imagine, we all felt we were true artists by the end of the night *wink.* Afterward, we went to a cafe and sat outside in the balmy Houston night and had a very late al fresco dinner. It was really fun, great company, and a nice reminder to try new things.

What about you? Did you do any interesting or fun activities this summer? Sometimes it's hard to find a night out that isn't dinner at a familiar restaurant followed by a movie. Maybe we can provide each other with some creative date nights... Today is Friday, after all! :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I don't have any creative date night ideas, though

Laura B said...

What a great concept! Wish there was one by us.

Anonymous said...

So funny, I actually looked into this place for their children's classes and saw this great idea. I'm glad you got to do this and had a ball. I would love to do this with the hubby but my husband is only gifted in painting in Benjamin Moore! LOL! My favorite date night is still a top shelf margarita, a tower of fantastic onion rings and shopping!

simone howell said...

Looks like a great time Jessica! Wish we had one of those here! Heading out for sushi tonight with the girfriends but no art. I wish!!

Marley said...

What a great idea. It sounds like so much fun.


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