Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"Adventure is worth while."

I have all sorts of photos that I never get a chance to edit... photos of the kids, travels, nature, etc. So, I thought it might be fun to drop in a shot here or there, and in the meantime, make a dent in all those unedited photos.

This image is from a last minute trip Robert and I took just last month. When I say last minute what I mean is that I was on the phone with my friend Kelly who got us the standby tickets { you Kelly!!!} the night before, conferring with Robert in the background that we were for sure going to start the next day at 5 am en route the airport. The next morning, off we went, and an adventure it was! Some parts good {romantic dinners on cobblestone streets in a colonial city} some parts bad {traffic} but an adventure all the same! We went to Virginia, this particular photo was taken in Williamsburg.

I don't know how it is for you, but for me I get this pulse in my veins beckoning me for newness and travel. Adventure isn't always easy and sometimes it's more work than we bargained for, but in the end... I do think adventure is always worth it! What about you? Have you taken any risks or last minute adventures recently? Was it worth the effort?


Tiffini said...

don't laugh..my little adventure last Monday consisted of driving...by myself...to Trader Joe's. It is about a 45 minute drive and my first ever visit. I was bound and determined to go though because of all I've heard. I am a big scaredy (sp?) cat to drive in unknown areas. I've been know to go down one way streets..etc:) Anyway - it was fabulous! and I am SO happy I went. Now I will go back. Your adventure sounds WAY more fun:)

Jessica said...

Tiffini, actually I totally understand your story. I grew up in a pretty rural area and am not a big fan of navigating complex and congested highways myself. I don't got into the city {Houston} to shop for fabric very often for this reason, and when I do get the chance, I always consider it an adventure in its own right :)

Simone Howell said...

I have the travel bug so bad right now. I'm just dying to get away. As far as recent adventures - braving downtown and the fabric and trim district is always an adventure! There are little food stands that sell hot dogs wrapped in bacon as well as chili served in a bag of cheetos...not adventurous enough to try either of those!


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